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  • August 17, 2021

Martha McCallum just pointed out an obvious flaw in Biden’s “new” plan for Afghanistan …

While Martha McCallum may not be the most popular person among Trump supporters, thanks to her election night antics, she does make a good point about Biden’s new “plan” in Afghanistan.


It appears to be an already flawed mess.

Biden claims that he is sending 6,000 US troops to try to secure the airport and rescue the people who are trapped there, trying to flee to safety.

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But as Martha points out below, there is an obvious problem with that plan … The Taliban have already established a perimeter that they are protecting with gunfire, according to reports and video:

Here’s what Martha said: “We sent 6,000 soldiers to secure the airport and get people out safely, and now the Taliban have established a perimeter around the airport. “No one can enter.” How did this happen?”


Meanwhile, General Hank Taylor claims the airport is “safe,” but others correctly wonder how anyone can get through the perimeter set by the Taliban.

Will the Taliban allow the United States and other security forces to enter?

We have no answers on this, of course.

And while all of this is going on, Joe is back from vacation. Probably an hour deep in his second nap of the day.

What an absolute, abysmal, and shameful failure of “leadership.”


We are literally being “led” by a clumsy, senile old fool and a bunch of inept and neurotic millennials.

America is not safe right now, for anyone.

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