• August 17, 2021

Raab and Patel under fire as UK prepares to announce Afghan asylum plan

Calls are growing for the UK government to announce a resettlement plan for Afghan asylum seekers following the Taliban takeover of the country. There are few details so far as to what the plan might entail, but Boris Johnson is expected to make an announcement on the proposal later today.

The news comes in the wake of further criticism of Priti Patel and the Home Office rejecting asylum applications for Afghan interpreters working for British forces in Afghanistan.

Speaking on Sky News this morning, Charlie Herbet, the former NATO adviser to the Afghan ministry, broke the government’s conduct following the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

When asked about the UK’s handling of the conflict, Herbert said, “To date, we have seen almost total apathy on the part of gramgovernment. “


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Dominic Raab and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they have also come under heavy criticism for their response to the crisis.

The chancellor has been criticized for not shortening your vacation in crete quickly enough, Amid reports, he spent the day at the beach while Sunday’s COBRA meeting was taking place.

Asked on BBC Breakfast whether the allied forces miscalculated the consequences of withdrawing from Afghanistan so quickly, the foreign secretary said “no one saw this coming at this speed or this scale.”

To add more embarrassment, Raab later confirmed to Times Radio that the Foreign OThe ffice rapid deployment team is not yet in Kabul, three days after its deployment.

Tomorrow Parliament will be reminded of its summer recess for one day to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. Protests are expected in Parliament Square on the same day to coincide with the debate.

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