• August 17, 2021

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Tests Positive for COVID, Social Media Demons Descend – RedState

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has tested positive for COVID-19.

If we know anything about the progressive left and its expressions on social media, it is that they value the inherent humanity of each person and refuse to elevate politics above compassion.

It’s a joke. The progressive left has been encouraging people in the red states to die of COVID en masse for more than a year. They are actively supporting mass deaths. They devour every false narrative of deaths and out-of-control cases in Florida and Texas.

Texas was one of the first states to open and return in the spring, including Dr. Fauci himself said he was puzzled as to why the number of COVID cases continued to decline even in the face of such “reckless” openings. Current COVID death charts still show Lonestar status well below its peak last winter and especially the worst month on record, which was July 2020.

Still, let the social media ghouls seize the opportunity to wish. sure death Good health to Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott may have saved lives by allowing the virus to run its natural course and focus resources on vulnerable populations. But why let a good dunk get in the way of the real events?

These thoughtless reactionaries truly believe that people who support freedom to be personally responsible for their own health decisions do not believe that COVID exists. It’s a Scooby-Doo villain fantasy that they project onto those they consider to be conservatives. People like that don’t understand that everyone in that room understands the risks and consequences. They are not COVID “sassy”, they are participating in normal human activity. Voluntarily.

The Cult of the Mask brainwashes its parishioners into believing that the only way to avoid COVID is to wear a mask and if you get COVID it is because you weren’t wearing a mask and please try not to ask why we had to worry about this. Vaccine thing if the panacea for COVID is just a mask.

Of course, what this good young gentleman means is that he definitely hopes that Governor Abbott needs an ICU bed and dies waiting for one. You know … to prove a point. We went through this during the first round of confinements. The number of ICU beds is often depleted in a regular flu season, but if you recall, even the most populated places like New York ended up sending in the hospital ships and established field hospitals to handle the inevitable surges. They never came. In Texas, ICU beds are partially limited not because there are not enough beds but because there are not enough staff. You will recall that there is a shortage of employees across the country due to the increase and extension of unemployment benefits. There is also a shortage of nurses, as many nurses refuse to return to work in some hospitals as long as they have a vaccination mandate for the healthcare worker.

Banned mask mandates, not masks. What is it that these people cannot understand about that?


He is vaccinated and has encouraged all Texans to get vaccinated. Stay stylish.

Insert the rolling eyes emoji here.

Delusions. These people would really like this to happen.

Governor Abbott’s team says he is asymptomatic as of Tuesday.

Texas saw an increase in cases and deaths last week, but the daily death rate has continued to decline since then. Of the 3,368,366 COVID cases in Texas, there have been 3,064,234 recoveries. That’s a death rate of around 0.19%.

The progressive left would say: “It doesn’t matter how low the number is. One life is too much. We must continue sacrificing ourselves. “

Except if that life is Governor Abbott’s, right?


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