• December 6, 2021

Despite criticism and outrage leveled against him, President Biden was adamant in his decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan, although he also admitted that the rapid takeover of the country by the Taliban was faster than as planned. The president took responsibility for the chaotic rush to evacuate US personnel and translators from Afghanistan and vowed to get them out safely. He made it clear that it was time for the United States to stop fighting wars involving other countries’ civil war. Biden did what had to be done, Trump only talked about doing it.

The Taliban take over Afghanistan

When the United States withdrew the last of the troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban rushed in and overtook the government. After 20 years of fighting alongside the Afghans and training them on how to strengthen their ability to defend their government against the Taliban government, Afghanistan surrendered to the Taliban without resistance. Criticism of Biden and the intelligence agencies for better predicting the speed of the government’s collapse is rife. However, 70% of Americans are behind the end of the war. The generals support Biden’s decision, saying that the original goals of killing Osama Bin-Laden and preventing more terrorist attacks in the United States had been achieved a year ago. They agreed with Biden’s assertion that it is not America’s goal to participate in other countries’ nation-building.

Biden claimed that the 300,000 Afghan servicemen had been well trained by American troops and had been supplied with adequate high-level ammunition to defend themselves when the United States withdrew from the country. He said the immediate surrender to the Taliban by the Afghan government indicated that while Afghanistan was militarily prepared to defend itself, it was unwilling to do so. He said that the United States staying longer would never change that reality. The president said the United States spent more than $ 1 trillion over the past 20 years to help Afghanistan stay free from the Taliban rule. However, he promised the American people that he would not leave this war so that another president would have to deal with it. Despite backlash from Republicans, Democrats, and the media, Biden proved that he was the man to take the political hit for America’s best interests.

Trump is criticizing Biden’s actions and is focusing on his plan that the US Embassy in Kabul would have maintained. His ego wanted a photoshoot of the United States flag flying over a building in that part of the world, yet he overlooked the fact that our ambassadors would have been targeted by the Taliban once a total withdrawal had occurred. He naively imagined that the Americans would be allowed to successfully roam the streets of Kabul, enlisting the cooperation of frightened Afghans in obtaining information on the Taliban.

During his tenure, Trump, along with Secretary Pompeo and other members of his administration met with the Taliban without the presence of any member of the Afghan government. As we learned over and over during his tenure, to feed his ego, Trump compromised with dictators, autocrats, and enemies of the United States at every opportunity he could. He even spoke publicly about inviting Taliban leaders to Camp David. Fortunately, there were some sane patriots left in his administration who convinced him of this crazy and inappropriate idea.

One has to wonder what Trump promised the Taliban at the meeting and whether a deal influenced his swift and emboldened takeover of Afghanistan that he did with them. The legitimately defeated former president is a guilty, complainant, liar and horrible negotiator. He was unable to end the war because his weak ego could not have withstood the criticism. Fortunately, Biden has the strength of character to deliver on his promises and put America first, instead of fooling people with ‘America First’ jerseys instead of taking action.

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