• August 18, 2021

Gamescom 2021 schedule: Xbox press conferences, Geoff Keighley and more

Yes, E3 2021 is behind us, but the news about upcoming PC games never stops. Gamescom is nearing the end of August, and a variety of press conferences and special presentations are beginning to be announced for the show. We already knew about Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live show, but now Xbox and Future Games Show are joining the lineup.

Gamescom itself is fully digital this year and runs from Wednesday, August 25 to Friday, August 27. The show will be free and will be comprised of a variety of live streams on those days, including some focused on developers and businesses. For fans, there aren’t many details on what to expect from the main show, except that the Gamescom Studio and Awesome Indies performances will return in collaboration with IGN.

Expect more details on the rest of the show as we get closer to the start of Gamescom proper, but for now, there are three main shows confirmed for the schedule: Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live, Xbox Stream, and Future Games Show.

Check out the program below.

Aug 24: Destiny 2 Witch Queen Showcase

The Bungie event isn’t technically marked as part of Gamescom, but given its proximity to the other events on the calendar, the Destiny 2 Witch Queen Showcase is certainly there in spirit. The Twitch streaming will transmit in Tuesday, August 24 at 9 a.m. M. PDT / 12 p. M. EDT / 5 p. M. BST.

August 24 – Gamescom Xbox Stream 2021

Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream will be streamed on Tuesday, August 24 at 10 a.m. M. PDT / 1 p. M. EDT / 6 p. M. BST. The program will focus on Microsoft’s own previously announced games and also some titles from third-party publishers. Of course, there will also be information on Game Pass additions.

August 25 – Gamescom Opening Night Live

Configure to stream on Wednesday, August 25 at 11 a.m. M. PDT / 2 p. M. EDT / 7 p. M. BSTOpening Night Live will kick off Gamescom with a two-hour presentation by venerable host Geoff Keighley. The presentation will feature “a new look at the next most important video games of this holiday and what lies beyond.”

More than 30 games will be presented at the fair. We don’t know much about what will be there, but the Splitgate developers are kidding some kind of advertisement. Time for that new 1.0 release date announcement?

August 26 – Future Games Show

The Future Games Show will air on Thursday, August 26 at 1 p.m. M. PDT / 4 p. M. EDT / 9 p. M. BST. The program will feature more than 40 games, including titles from Frontier Developments, Team17, Koch Media, and Tripwire Interactive.

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