• August 18, 2021

Rick Scott’s NRSC Knows How To Pick Them

Yesterday, the president of the Senate Republican National Committee (NRSC) Sen. Rick scott Florida tweeted his warm congratulations to Maria weese from Aurora, Colorado, on the occasion of winning something called the NRSC “Champion for Freedom” award:

Priscila Rahn and Kristi Burton Brown of the Colorado Republican Party, Maria Weese.

What the heck is the NRSC “Champion for Freedom” award? The Colorado Trade I’m glad you asked:

The National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) awarded the recognition of “Champion of Freedom” to prominent political leader Maria Weese. “This is an award you deserve. Maria has been a very active person in Colorado politics. She has promoted the ideas that have made this country prosperous, a country of which she became a citizen at age 21. People like Maria make our country so great, ”said Senator Rick Scott, president of the NRSC.

Scott was unable to attend the ceremony in person. However, the Florida senator made the award announcement on a remote broadcast from his office in Washington, DC. During the virtual meeting, Scott explained that Maria is the sixth person to receive this recognition …

That’s right, only six people in all of human history have received the NRSC “Champion for Freedom” award, and who are those lucky winners?

Past winners who have also been declared “Champions of Freedom” include Donald Trump, Miriam Adelson and Sheldon Adelson (RIP), Matt Schlapp and Hugh Hewitt. “All of these distinguished Americans, including Maria, are examples of advocates for a way of life unique to us,” he said.

Maria Weese prior to her retirement as a Republican House candidate in 2014.

All we can say is that it is quite a distinguished right wing company! Maria Weese must have raised a ton of money for the Republican Party at one point or another to be anywhere in the stadium with these, love them or hate them, undoubtedly Republican A-list luminaries.

All of which turns into … well, more curious when we remember the last time we heard from Maria Weese in 2014, when she was briefly in the mix for a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives. Weese’s campaign sensations burned early in the cycle after what can only be described as outrageously racist social media posts attributed to Weese emerged, like this one from December 2012:

Racial hypocrisy in this country has worsened since Obama was elected president. And blacks have really turned up the heat in this country. [Pols emphasis] Every excuse is being given to create the impression that whites in America are still persecuting and repressing blacks in America. Sharpton and Jackson and, of course, our President are taking every opportunity to find one little reason to expose racial profiling from a black perspective. It must be an election year and you can see wagons circling Obama led by blacks, far-left liberals, labor unions, environmental activists, members of the American Communist Party, minorities receiving government checks in the mail, the fat ones. cats in the entertainment industry, and the rest of this country’s ignorant and naive liberals …

Don’t even get Weese to start with Michelle Obama:

Mandela won an election based on his race Obama won an election based on his race … [Pols emphasis]

Mandela became famous all over the world by the media for his Marxist ideology, Obama became famous all over the world because the media hid his Marxist ideology …

Mandela endured the prison that Obama endured Michelle.

Some time after these posts were made public, Weese decided do not to run for HD-35 after all. Weese was succeeded in the HD-35 race by the infamous Westminster Michael “Sustainability scares me” Melvin, who lost a lot with the now Sen. Faith winter. As for what Maria Weese has done since then to deserve such high recognition alongside people like Donald trump Y Hugh Hewitt? Your guess is as good as ours.

But unless racism is an advantage, and well, see the list-It is clear that Rick Scott is not investigating these awards much.

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