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  • August 18, 2021

Sorry, you cut there: Elections in the COVID era

What can a politician do when he can’t shake a hand, kiss a baby, or, as the Prime Minister apparently likes to do, balance an acrobatic child on his palms? The answer is the same unfortunate virtual reality that thousands of home-based workers have faced in the past 18 months: Zoom calls. The leaders are still hanging around the country, no doubt; conservatives recently unveiled his plane, which will likely bypass most safe routes in favor of flipped ones. Justin Trudeau is taking a slow route from Quebec to Ontario to start. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh began touring the Atlantic provinces in early August, but flew across the country to Burnaby, BC. accepted his nomination on horseback before the big Zoom screen you see in the image above, which his team quickly tweeted. It’s a sign of the times, no doubt indicating smaller events, fewer rallies, and more virtual town halls, which O’Toole has already relied heavily on since Ottawa. A hopeful voter might assume this leads to fewer ballroom tricks and rallies, but the cynical voter knows it will only result in more organized photo shoots. If Singh can’t hold a baby in person, we can at least see a photo of him holding one. on the side of his field bus.

Check every day of election week as writer Michael Fraiman dissects a picture that tells a campaign story.

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