• August 18, 2021

UN chief and New Zealand prime minister plead with Taliban to protect women’s rights

They can also beg them to stop murdering Kuffar. His personal importance and lack of understanding of jihad are worthy of the greatest mockery.

Ardern’s incompetence in understanding jihad became apparent after the Christchurch massacre. Sympathy for the victims of the massacre was one thing, but bowing to Islam was quite another, and that’s what Ardern did. He donned the hijab, ordered the national broadcast of the Islamic call to prayer and, in an electoral promise, vowed to criminalize criticism of Islam.

Ardern is not much different from his hapless globalist friend Joe Biden, who pleaded with the Taliban to be quiet to win the approval of the international community.

As Ardern and Guterres continue to make a fool of themselves, they have sent a loud and clear message to the Taliban (and all jihadists) about how weak the infidel enemy is.

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutteres plead with the Taliban to protect women’s human rights as China and Russia prepare to formally accept the rule of militants in Afghanistan “, by Ross Ibbetson and Jack Wright, Mail online, August 16, 2021:

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has pleaded with the Taliban to defend women’s rights after Islamists toppled the government in Kabul amid fears that the country will once again become “a soup of cultivation for terror “.

“I just implore once again those who made these movements in recent days to recognize what the international community has asked for: human rights and the safety of its people,” he told a news conference in the capital Wellington.

“What we want to see is that women and girls can access work and education. These are things that traditionally have not been available to them where there has been governance by the Taliban. “

Ardern’s mediation comes as China, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey appear willing to formally recognize the Taliban rule, while others like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have warned that no state should recognize the new government.

UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres tweeted last night: “I am deeply concerned about the situation in Afghanistan and urge the Taliban and all others to exercise the utmost restraint to protect lives and ensure humanitarian needs can be met. “.

The terror group marched victoriously into Kabul on Sunday, the culmination of a rapid advance across the country that was left open by the sudden withdrawal of the United States and NATO after 20 years of fighting after 9/11.

The Taliban have been on a charming offensive since the dark days of 2001 in an attempt to assuage fears about a return to the brutally oppressive regime that ruled the country.

But Christian Guy, a former special adviser to Johnson, called interventions like those of Gutteres and Ardern “delusional” because they did not understand the brutal ideology behind the Taliban.

‘They are raping women and girls, murdering adults, selling 12-year-olds as sex slaves, and they are just starting over. All these international calls for ‘restraint, human rights and peaceful transition’ are beyond delusional and really insulting, ” Guy tweeted.

China and Pakistan are believed to be the first in line to break ranks with the international community to form closer ties with the Taliban… ”.

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