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  • August 19, 2021

Peter Doherty on our response to the pandemic

Nobel Prize winner speaks authoritatively about how Australia is dealing with COVID-19 in our latest Crikey talks subscribers event.

The pandemic is not going away anytime soon, but the world is on the right track to handle COVID-19 and prepare for future emergencies.

Winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1997 Australian of the Year, medical researcher and immunologist Professor Peter Doherty, who was named after his accomplishments by the Melbourne Doherty Institute, spoke with Crikey columnist Janine Perrett and associate editor Amber Schultz on what else can be done, where Australia went wrong, and the importance of pandemic preparedness in recent Crikey talks subscribers event.

What went wrong with the launch of our vaccine?

The launch of the vaccine in Australia has been disastrous. But in mid-2020, things were looking good. We had a deal to make AstraZeneca onshore, the University of Queensland was developing a vaccine, and we had agreements with Novavax and Pfizer. Where did everything go wrong?

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