State Department requires $ 2,000 from Americans for flights home from Kabul, plus from non-Americans - HotAir - Africa News Quick
  • August 19, 2021

State Department requires $ 2,000 from Americans for flights home from Kabul, plus from non-Americans – HotAir

Can Americans stranded in the new caliphate get their COVID stimulus checks in the form of airfare vouchers to escape the assassination of the Taliban?

This It seems that the state is shaking people at the Kabul airport for bribes so they can get on flights. Not so.

But given the scale of mismanagement we’re witnessing, maybe that’s next.

Although US officials tell NatSec Daily and others that evacuation flights from Kabul will be free, people trying to catch a plane in the Afghan capital say otherwise. One person said State Department staff were seeking large payments (up to $ 2,000) from US passengers and even more from non-US citizens.

When we relayed what this person told us to the State Department, a spokesperson did not deny that this is happening.

“US law requires that evacuation assistance to private US citizens or third-country nationals be provided ‘on a reimbursable basis to the greatest extent possible.’ The situation is extremely fluid and we are working to overcome obstacles as they arise, ”the spokesperson said.

So you need to fork out two of the big boys at the airport just to get on the plane? Where are the people in Afghanistan supposed to get that money from?

Fortunately, no, you will not be charged at the point of departure under federal law. But you’re on the hook for later. Via Jeryl bier:

Where does the $ 2,000 figure come from? Jerry dunleavy posted this before:

I understand that policy in the abstract. If you live abroad and an earthquake occurs or there is internal political unrest and the feds come to your rescue, it is not unreasonable to ask you to bear a small part of the cost of your salvation.

But what if the feds themselves are the why of your emergency? What if they could and should have warned you weeks ago that Afghanistan was destined to fall and that you should head to the airport immediately, but instead the president himself gave you nonsense about how the Afghan military could hold out indefinitely?

And then you woke up one day in early August and looked out your window at Kabul and the Taliban were entering the city?

Why should you have to pay the federal government to rid itself of a crisis that it should have foreseen, that it could not anticipate, and that it has now handled very poorly?

The latest evidence of mismanagement comes from the Wall street journal this afternoon, unveiling a statement from US diplomats that was sent to Washington on July 13. That was just five days after Biden told the country at his now infamous press conference that Afghanistan might not fall:

About two dozen State Department officials serving at the embassy in Kabul sent an internal memo to Secretary of State Antony Blinken and another senior State Department official last month warning of the potential collapse of Kabul shortly after the troop withdrawal deadline of August 31according to a US official and a person familiar with the cable.

The cable, sent through the State Department’s confidential dissent channel, warned of rapid territorial gains by the Taliban and subsequent collapse of Afghan security forces, and offered recommendations on ways to mitigate the crisis and speed up an evacuation, the two people said …

The dissident channel’s cable signatories urged the State Department to begin recording and collecting personal data in advance for all Afghans who qualify for Special Immigrant Visas, aimed at those who worked as translators or interpreters; locally employed embassy staff; and for those eligible for other US refugee programs while there were still six weeks left before the withdrawal deadline.

He also urged the administration to begin evacuation flights no later than August 1.people said.

Imagine owing two thousand dollars to have your life saved after the White House and the state sat on that information for weeks. Knowing that state yet he was wrong in predicting that the country would remain until the end of the US withdrawal.

I leave you with the euphemism of the State Department day.

Update: At least they have done one thing right this week.

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