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  • August 20, 2021

Ashley Maidy Joins Riot as Director of Global Consumer Products | Job Summary

It can be difficult to keep track of the various comings and goings in the games industry, which is why we compiled them into semi-regular summaries.

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Ashley Maidy | Head of Global Consumer Products, Riot Games

Ashley Maidy, former Managing Partner of Maidy Management, joins Riot Games as Director of Global Consumer Products.

Maidy previously served as Vice President of Global Licensing and Partnerships for Activision from 2011 to 2020.

In 2000, she served as President of Licensing at Sony Pictures Entertainment before stepping down in 2010.

From 1996 to 2000, Maidy was the Director of Licensing at Fox Family Worldwide and Saban Entertainment.

“Her experience and track record of success in the gaming and entertainment industry makes her the ideal person to assist us as we seek to continue expanding experiences for players, either through Arcane and other projects within our Entertainment division or with apparel, collectibles and much more, more, “said Riot’s director of entertainment marketing Ryan Crosby.

“By incorporating Ashley, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating ways for players to engage with our intellectual property as part of their lifestyle.”

Hollie Bennett | Border head of influencers and engagement

Hollie Bennett, former UK Communications Director at CD Projekt Red, joins Frontier as Head of Influencers and Engagement.

Bennett previously served as a PlayStation Access channel manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe prior to his departure in 2019. He originally joined the company as a PlayStation UK social media and community manager in 2013.

In 2011, she served as the consumer and community public relations executive for Bandai Namco Partners.

He formally announced his new role at Frontier via Twitter.

“Some people have already guessed it, but I started as the new Director of Influencers and Engagement at [Frontier]”Bennett said.

“I’m leading a very talented team covering events and working with influencers across all of our games globally, it’s so exciting!”

Elizabeth LaPensée | Lead Writer and World Creator for Twin Suns

Elizabeth LaPensée, PhD joins Twin Suns as its lead writer and creator of the world.

She has developed and written game narratives for 15 years, most recently serving as creative director, designer, artist, and writer for When Rivers Were Trails.

Throughout his gaming career, he has created indigenous-centric narrative titles.

LaPensée had previously served as IGDA’s editor-in-chief for five years after joining in 2009.

In addition, she serves as the director of the Serious Games Graduate Certificate at Michigan State University and an assistant professor of various programs.

Other recent appointments in the industry include:

Ashley Maidy | Head of Global Consumer Products, Riot Games
Formerly: Managing Partner, Maidy Management Inc.

Pete Smith | Vice President of Partnerships, Tencent
Formerly: Director of Product Development, PlayStation

Ted Timmins | Creative Director (Call of Duty: Warzone), Raven Software
Formerly: Game Director, Ubisoft Toronto

Zack Slatter | Chief Executive Officer of FlavourWorks
Formerly: SVP of Strategy and Distribution, AwesomenessTV (ViacomCBS)

Jack Chapman | Senior Game Designer, Sumo Digital
Formerly: Movie Game Designer, Supermassive Games

Francesco Del Pia | Sound Designer, The Chinese Room
Formerly: Sound Designer at Cloud Imperium Games, Freelance Sound Designer and Composer

Ben Harding | Junior Programmer, Sumo Digital
Formerly: graduate student

Ignacio Santana Tur | Junior Game Designer, Sumo Digital
Formerly: Game Tester, Rockstar, and Freelance Game Designer

Aoibhinn McAuley | Associate Producer, Sumo Digital
Formerly: Programmer, Chimerra Entertainment

Jacob Beckley | Visual Effects Artist, Sumo Digital
Formerly: Visual Effects Artist, Cloud Imperium Games

Kiel Hufton | IT Customer Care Leader, Sumo Digital
Formerly: IT Systems Manager, Excel Parking Services

Harley Baldwin | Design Director, Twin Suns
Formerly: Vice President of Design, Schell Games

Brett Douville | Technical Director, Twin Suns
Formerly: Scheduler, Full Bright

Brandon Fernandez | Animation Director, Twin Suns
Formerly: Game Director, Crystal Dynamics

Greg Knight | Art Director, Twin Suns
Formerly: Senior Art Director (Star Wars), EA

Chris Li | Senior Producer, Twin Suns
Formerly: Producer, Electric Square

Ian Pang | Singapore Studio Director, Twin Suns
Formerly: Head of Production, Nifty Games

Paul Pierce | Lead UX and UI Designer, Twin Suns
Previously: UI / UX freelance and graphic designer.

Bob Slinn | Vice President of Business Development, FunPlus
Formerly: Director, Games Partnerships EMEA, Facebook

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