• August 20, 2021

Colorado Republican Says Biden Is Lying Or Disconnected From Reality

President Biden took a short break from his summer vacation on Friday for a press conference to discuss his haunting alternate reality of America. chaotic tremendously successful withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The turnaround was so embarrassing that all the Democrats in the state of Colorado went into hiding.

Except for US Senator Michael Bennet, who awkwardly chose this tragic moment in US history to jump into campaign mode for his 2022 re-election bid.

Colorado Republican President Kristi Burton Brown has been drumming all week, criticizing Bennet’s absence from the crisis and highlighting her role on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Bennet had no response to Biden’s strange press conference.

It was Republican United States Representative Doug Lamborn who succinctly summed up Biden’s sad performance as follows:

Biden weakly assured the nation that he would rescue every American he left behind enemy lines.

All they have to do is call an Uber or something to get past the armed Taliban checkpoints where people are beaten and killed outside the airport.

Meanwhile, European forces have already entered the city and crossed Taliban lines to rescue their civilians.

Fleeing reality or simply lying under his breath, Biden insisted to reporters that al Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan, contrary to Pentagon reports.

And when asked about America’s now tattered reputation, as the British Parliament despising Biden for creating an international crisis, Biden replied:I have not seen any doubts about our credibility from our allies around the world. “

Now he’s just lying.

Even Vice President Harris couldn’t contain her smelly eye as Biden spoke open-mouthed through a written statement and pre-approved questions from reporters.

Is anyone in Congress writing articles of impeachment already?

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