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  • August 20, 2021

Phantom Flow Guide: Shoden and Okuden Challenges

We are entering the end of Genshin ImpactUpdated from version 2.0, but myHoYo has added a new activity for players to try. It’s called Phantom Flow, an event that takes place in an arena. There are some similarities to Contending Tides, but there are also some small tweaks. Here is our Genshin Impact Phantom Flow Event Guide to help you with Shoden and Okuden challenges, as well as various difficulty modes.

Note: For more information about the game, see our Genshin Impact guide and feature center, as well as our version 2.0 update overview.

Genshin Impact: Phantom Flow Event Guide – Shoden and Okuden Challenges

To start with the Phantom Flow event in Genshin Impact, you must reach Adventure Rank 30 and continue advancing in Act I of the Inazuma Archon mission. You will also want to complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” and the “Chisato Letter”.

If you meet these requirements, click on the event panel and you will see a marker on an island northwest of Ritou. In fact, you can teleport here to talk to an NPC named Shousen. Next, click on the challenge marker to start the Phantom Flow event.

How exactly do these Shoden challenges and difficulty modes work?

Shoden challenges in Genshin ImpactThe Phantom Flow event has three levels of difficulty (normal, hard, and extreme). Completing a higher difficulty level will also take care of the one below. As such, it is generally best to choose extreme difficulty.

You’ll also notice icons pertaining to the mobs you’ll be facing (mostly treasure hoarders in this case), and a particular mod known as “Shinryuu mechanic.” For example, today’s Shoden challenge, “Electrograna’s Triumph”, has the following effects:

  • Carrying an Electrograin increases Energy Recharge by 100%.
  • Using three elemental blasts in 10 seconds unleashes a bolt that will strike five nearby enemies for AoE Electro damage.

Genshin Impact Phantom Flow Event Guide Shoden Okuden Challenge Extreme Difficulty 1b

You will also see the objectives of this particular combat. Here is an example of extreme difficulty:

  • Defeat 25 opponents in 180 seconds.
  • The time between kills cannot exceed 25 seconds.
  • There are no character deaths during the challenge.

Genshin Impact Phantom Flow Event Guide Shoden Okuden Challenge Extreme Difficulty 1c

Due to the modifier, make sure you have an Electrograin active all the time when interacting with the nearby Thunder Bough. This ensures that your characters will always have their elemental blasts at the ready. In my case, I used Kazuha, Ganyu, Zhongli, and Bennett. To be fair, I suppose having Mona there would be better, since she and Ganyu could permanently freeze enemies.

Anyway, beating the extreme difficulty gives you the rewards for the lowest difficulties (that is, 60x primogems, 2x talent booklets, 40,000 blackberries, and 3x the hero’s ingenuity). Also, it will unlock the Okuden challenge.

Genshin Impact Phantom Flow Event Guide Shoden Okuden Challenge Extreme Difficulty 1d

Okuden’s challenge

The Okuden challenge is only unlocked by beating the Shoden challenge on extreme difficulty. For “The Triumph of Electrograna”, you will still find some accumulators of treasures. However, you will also end up fighting various Kairagi (Nobushi elite samurai).

The old modifier will still be present. But, an additional one called “Thundersign” will appear below a random character when I activate the AoE of the beam mentioned above. After a short delay, Thundersign explodes in that position, meaning your characters must be on the move.

Gen Pct Phntfl Evgd 1a

The Okuden challenge only has one difficulty mode, and these are the objectives:

  • Defeat 20 opponents in 180 seconds.
  • Defeat at least 4 Kairagi.
  • There are no character deaths during the challenge.

Gen Pct Phntfl Evgd 1b

The party that she had continued to hold admirably. Zhongli, acting as a shield robot, ensured that he would not receive fatal blows when the Kairagi samurai rushed or struck the ground with his swords. Bursts from Bennett, Ganyu, and Kazuha also dealt heavy damage to kill most enemies quickly.

Anyway, that’s enough for Shoden and Okuden’s current challenges in Genshin Impactof the Phantom Flow event. We will continue to update this guide once the new stages are introduced at each daily reset. Just remember that the Phantom Flow event will be available from today until August 30.

Gen Pct Phntfl Evgd 1c

Genshin Impact is available through your official Web site. For more information, check out our Guides and Features Center.

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