• August 20, 2021

Republican governors have betrayed the public trust

Michael Garson: “The challenge for governors is that public health is not the same as other issues. Your actions will directly and predictably lead to deaths in your states. This is such a gross betrayal of the public trust – such a depraved violation of moral responsibilities – that I’m not sure there is a word for it. Selling the lives of your fellow citizens to a foreign power is treason. What is the proper description of selling the lives of your fellow citizens to a maddened political interest group?

“The problem for the Republican Party is that one of the central demands of a key interest group is now an act of sociopathic madness. Some of the most basic public health measures have suddenly become the political equivalent of confiscation of arms. “

“It is as if the activist wing of the Republican Party decides that municipal garbage collection is a dangerous socialist experiment. Or chlorine in public swimming pools is an antifa plot. There can be no absolute political right to undermine the health and safety of your community. Otherwise, the community is meaningless. “

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