• August 20, 2021

The battle for the pandemic is fraught with false hopes, secrets, and mysteries.

So many people, bodies, and businesses framed as critical to our response to the pandemic have dramatically faded or quietly faded away.

(Image: Private Media / Gorkie)

Remember the National COVID-19 Commission? Scott Morrison’s handpicked group of business leaders who were supposed to help guide us through the pandemic, but disappeared from sight after talking about a gas-powered recovery?

Australia’s response to the pandemic has had many success stories. But there are multiple people, bodies, or solutions dragged by the Morrison government into the limelight, framed as central to our response to the pandemic, only to deliver spectacularly below expectations or to quietly leave the stage.

The COVID Commission

Scott Morrison quietly disbanded the National COVID-19 Commission in May, declaring that the “emergency” part of the pandemic was over, in a statement that aged like Bush on the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Who did not comply in the fight against the pandemic? Keep reading …

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