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  • August 21, 2021

“No help”: Trump’s latest insult to Colorado

Representative Doug Lamborn and the one who should not be named.

A breaking story yesterday confirmed what everyone in Colorado politics knew all along, but only one side of the aisle could admit politically, such as the Denver Post Justin wingerter reports, former president Donald trump bragging on an Alabama radio show before a rally there tonight that “he alone” made the decision to relocate the US Space Command headquarters from Colorado Springs to that state in the last days of his presidency:

In the final week of Trump’s presidency, the US Air Force announced that Space Command headquarters would be relocated from Peterson Air Force Base to Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

Democratic and Republican officials in Colorado have opposed the move ever since, claiming that it was Trump who did it. Huntsville is in the district of US Representative Mo Brooks, a Republican and staunch Trump ally who spearheaded attempts in January to stop the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory over Trump in the 2020 election …

“Space Force: I sent Alabama,” Trump said. “I hope you know. (They) said they were looking for a house and I just said, ‘Let’s go to Alabama.’ They wanted it. I said, ‘Let’s go to Alabama. I love Alabama.’

For those who have been wrong about this like Trump, the US Space Command is not the same entity as the US Space Force. Space Command is a multi-service organization under the Defense Department, while the Space Force is a separate branch of the military. But rest assured all the world in Colorado Springs, where Space Command is currently located, he knew what Trump was talking about, and how the Colorado Springs Gazette Tom roeder reports, the anger at Colorado’s largest conservative stronghold is palpable:

“We have maintained throughout the process that the permanent basis decision for US Space Command was not made on merits. Former President Trump’s admission that ‘he alone’ led the move to Huntsville, Alabama, supports our position. ” [Colorado Springs Mayor John] Suthers said by email.

Even the stubbornly pro-Trump representative from the area. Doug lamborn, who voted to challenge the 2020 election results to keep Trump in office, is openly criticizing Trump:

Colorado Springs Rep. Doug Lamborn said Trump’s announcement shows that national security was not his primary concern.

“When a decision is based on politics and personal preference, national security comes second,” Lamborn said. [Pols emphasis] a longtime Trump supporter who broke with the president over the grassroots decision.

Lamborn’s affected surprise at learning that Trump made his decisions as president based on “politics and personal preferences” is truly one of the most laughable “late” realizations we have ever read. Throughout Trump’s tenure in office, as Doug Lamborn and everyone else who lived through the past four years knows, personal loyalties and politics basically guided all of Trump’s decision-making. Governor Jared Polis He admitted to suppressing his criticism of Trump’s disastrous mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic so as not to jeopardize desperately needed aid to the state. Senator By Cory Gardner The widely mocked attempt to secure a small number of fans for Colorado after federal officials appropriated an order for many more is another example of cronyism that poorly substitutes for leadership.

And in his effusive and exaggerated support for Senator Gardner’s reelection last year, Colorado Springs Gazette editorial board even I tried to turn Trump’s corrupt management style as an asset to Gardner and, by extension, to all of Colorado:

“I turned to the president and said, ‘If you like, while the governor is here, you can tell us that the permanent home of Space Command is Colorado Springs.’ The president smiled and said, ‘We should talk about that,’ just as he walked into the Oval Office, ”Gardner said.

Two days later, Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett told Gardner that Space Command will remain in Colorado for at least the next six years. The decision almost guarantees that he will remain permanently in Springs, as no one can defend a scenario in which taxpayers fund six more years of investment in the new combat command only to start over elsewhere.

Thanks to Gardner, more than anyone else, Colorado will reap the economic and cultural rewards of hosting Space Command and the Space Force for years, and likely generations to come. Gardner has tirelessly advocated for Colorado with the President [Pols emphasis] and multiple Pentagon officials.

As we all know in Colorado now, Trump only rewards loyalty when it suits him. Despite their steadfast loyalty, once Gardner and Lamborn could do nothing more for Trump, Colorado’s generosity ended. Trump’s inherently corrupt transactional leadership style meant that at some point, as Doug Lamborn bitterly laments today, “politics and personal preferences” would inevitably win out over what is right. The corruption was not a mistake. Was a characteristic of Trump’s leadership.

And until the Colorado Republicans accept it, they will be making excuses for corruption. they participated in–And complaining only because they ended up being the losers.

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