• December 6, 2021

CNN and MSNBC’s Republican-style scathing rebuke of President Biden’s withdrawal mission from Afghanistan is sickening. His hyperbolic and unconditional opinions and comments on military matters is infuriating. Military analysis should be left to military experts. Why not just ask military and veteran professionals questions to get the facts that clarify the retirement decision-making process, instead of asking manipulative questions full of implication and negative accusations? How about emphasizing Trump’s pro-Taliban deal that allowed them to retake Afghanistan as soon as US troops left the country?

Biden: The president with the guts to do it!

Since the rapid takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, Democratic television journalists have been in the attack on President Biden. They wonder “why did he do this and why didn’t he do that?” They are bashing these critiques of Democrat-friendly media studios joining right-wing critiques of Biden. Labels such as “debacle,” “shame,” and “stain” are being used, lending credibility to the Republicans’ attacks on Biden. Generals and intelligence professions say negative projections about Biden’s action, our future position in the world with the allies, and the end result of the withdrawal are premature and unfounded.

President Biden’s decision to end the war in Afghanistan has a 62% approval rating among Americans. He is the only president who had the courage to tear off the band-aid and do what George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump could not do, which is to bring Americans home from another war that no longer had a purpose. Since 2009, President Biden has officially declared that the United States should no longer endanger its soldiers in a country whose government is unwilling to commit to fighting for their freedoms on their own.

Ambassador Matthew Dowd appeared on MSNBC today and said that Trump’s deal with the Taliban set the stage for Afghanistan’s collapse. He said the collapse of the Afghan government has come for years and Trump’s “surrender agreement” made the pullout chaotic. In The Washington Post today, Trump’s deal with the Taliban was said to include;

  • America’s promise to leave Afghanistan in 14 months
  • Taliban agreement not to allow Afghanistan to become a haven for terrorism
  • An agreement by the Taliban to hold peace talks with the Afghan government and consider a ceasefire
  • The United States would release 5,000 Taliban prisoners. The Taliban would free 1,000 American prisoners
  • A verbal promise from the Taliban to be responsible for any individual or group that may attack the United States from Afghanistan.

The Post described this deal as “sweet” for the Taliban. The agreement required that we take faith at the word of the Taliban, a terrorist group. Trump’s incompetent deal making skills were evident in the wording of the deal, which only hoped the Taliban would promise to prevent any person or group from threatening the security of the huge US problem. some from the Trump administration): The peace deal came without an enforcement mechanism for the Taliban to keep their word. Trump’s incompetence and ego-driven desire to be seen as a powerful negotiator created a naive deal based on trust in a terrorist group. Trump also gave in to the Taliban’s request that the United States be cut down to 2,500 and that Allied troops be cut down significantly as well. This deal with the Taliban continued Trump’s pattern of relying on the promises and pronouncements of dictators and enemies about American intelligence and traditional diplomatic practices.

President Biden took decisive and courageous steps to end America’s involvement in an unwinnable war, and he accomplished what three former presidents failed to accomplish. Rather than being criticized for the challenges the former president launched, President Biden should be thanked and supported.

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