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  • August 22, 2021

Joseph? Are you there, Joe? Biden is gone – RedState

Before the election, they put Joe Biden in a basement and told him to wait on the corner. Democrats worried that Biden couldn’t handle the rigors of talking for more than a few minutes or answering questions with more difficulty than, “What pudding did you have for breakfast?” They were right.

Now, eight months after his presidency, that fear has borne poisonous fruits. As a candidate, he was not a danger, just a diversion. But now he is the leader of the free world. The White House is forced to routinely announce “caps”, presumably so Joe can take a nap or recharge, or simply avoid stepping on another rake.

Biden’s recent interview with a friendly Democratic apparatchik disguised as a journalist did not go as planned. George Stephanopoulos asked more difficult questions than “What pudding did you have for breakfast?” and Biden had to be prompted by Stephanopoulos with an occasional “and?” to get a complete sentence out of it.

But even worse parts were left on the cutting room floor. And, apparently, they were so bad for Biden that ABC didn’t want to air them.

Here is the problem. Joe is still president, so he has to do things as president, like talk to world leaders. We recently learned that in one of those calls, part of it was edited to omit important, but harmful information. And Biden did not return British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s call for several days.

In Grandma’s wise words in the commercial, “This is not how it works, it is not like that. some this works. “

Joe Biden has practically left. Zzzzzzzzz


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