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  • August 22, 2021

The crows end a difficult year with the victory over Roos

The only thing left for the Crows, who moved up two places to 15th on the ladder, was to celebrate.

When the heavens opened, Mackay, who was playing his 248th and final game after announcing his retirement for the week, was harassed by every one of his teammates after he scored and scored in the 22nd minute following a perfect placement. by Ned McHenry.

Then it was Lynch’s turn.

Playing his final match in the Adelaide colors, Lynch bagged Shane McAdam’s foot pass and finished with typical skill with his last touch as Crow and his team’s final score of 2021.

If a poll were done at halftime to rank the best players on the field, Hall would likely have appeared at the top of most of the charts.

Sadly for Hall and North Melbourne, at least a dozen Crows would be next on the list before another Kangaroo showed up.

While the Raven Flies: Shane McAdam takes a spectacular mark.Credit:fake images

Hall had 19 possessions and 10-50 rebounds in the main interval, along with a truly outrageous 592 meters gained, backing up his 36, 38 and 30 elimination shots in the previous three weeks.

Adelaide’s inaccuracy coupled with Hall’s rebound, penetration and composure ensured that the margin did not fully explode.

Evergreen Hall has been a rare bright light in an off season on Arden Street, moving from his usual wing to a deeper pole in the middle and setting up arguably the best season of his 10-year AFL season.

McAdam put the reduced-capacity Adelaide Oval crowd on their feet as he soared toward a late contender to the mark of the year midway through the first quarter.

Giving himself a run virtually from the fence, McAdam read Darcy Fogarty’s entry perfectly and jumped well over Aiden Bonar and Goldstein, while leaving Luke McDonald for dead and catching a beauty, before actually positioning himself to give Adelaide an advantage. early.

In the second period, Tarryn Thomas silenced those same fans by taking down a great record that was just as acrobatic as McAdam’s.

With Billy Frampton pressing sinisterly, Thomas leapt over Jordon Butts and Eddie Ford to pocket his fine replica.

But unlike McAdam, Thomas, who sneaked up on and received the one-two from Jy Simpkin, broke his hasty attempt in full, well and truly personifying the surprisingly wide gulf between the two also rans.

4.6 5.9 8.15 13.20 (98)
2.1 2.3 5.4 8.6 (54)

Adelaide: McAdam 3, Keays 2, Jones, Seedsman, Mackay, Thilthorpe, McHenry, Lynch, Schoenberg, Gollant.
North Melbourne: Larkey 3, Anderson, Walker, Thomas, Phillips, Scott.

Adelaide: Laird, Keays, Schoenberg, Strachan, McHenry, McAdam, Sloane.
North Melbourne: Hall, Thomas, Larkey, Davies-Uniacke, Simpkin.

O’Gorman, Wallace, Glouftsis.

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