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  • August 23, 2021

Beginner’s guide: characters, combat, and tips for beginners

King’s Reward II takes you throughout the Crownlands of Nostria. Filled with many opportunities as well as dangers, you will have to be prepared as you venture out. Here is our King’s Reward II Beginner’s guide that will help you with various mechanics such as ideals or alignment system, choosing the best character, combat mechanics, leadership, general exploration, and other tips for beginners. We have also added some information about the starting area and side missions in King’s Reward II, such as Fort Crucis, the Ruins of New Hope, Berengarius, the refugee, and heading to Batille Gates.

Note: For more information, see our King’s Reward II guides and functions hub.

King’s Reward II beginner’s guide: choosing the best character, combat tactics, starting zone and tips

I have divided our King’s Reward II beginner’s guide in various sections. You can refer to the following pages for the parts you need help with:

  • The basics: character selection, ideals / alignment, and general exploration
  • Combat: unit recruitment, leadership, magic, tactics, and healing / reviving.
  • Starting areas: Fort Crucis, Ruins of New Hope, the lumberjacks, the golems, Berengarius, the a refugee, and the gates of Batille

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