• August 24, 2021

Bring it! Missouri Teachers File Major Lawsuit Against Critical Race Curriculum

Let’s get ready to rumble, folks. Two Missouri school teachers are doing the Lord’s work by taking a lawsuit straight to the heart of the pernicious critical Marxist theory of race that is being pushed through the public schools. The two women are suing Springfield County schools for forcing them to promote “race-based training” if they want to keep their jobs.

The daily signal reported On August 20, Brooke Henderson and Jennifer Lumley, two Springfield County public school teachers, filed a lawsuit in federal court against their employer for violating their “right to free speech.” Their specific accusation was that the school required them to “assert beliefs they disagreed with during mandatory race-based training as a condition of continued employment.”

The teachers are being represented by the Southeastern Legal Foundation in their lawsuit, a legal group that has already filed a civil rights lawsuit in Illinois over the “use of racially segregated affinity groups and training schools.”

By now, many of us are aware of the disturbing motivations behind race-based “training.” It is about encouraging students to understand that their place in society is benefited or denigrated because of their race. If they are white, they have been privileged their entire lives by an American system that, according to propaganda, was founded to protect slaves and promote white supremacy, while black children and other minorities are taught that they are receiving end. of that social structure.

Ultimately, as Daily Signal explained, CRT makes students buy into this concept of “equity,” which is a “bland-sounding term that protects the pernicious reality” that the government rewards various minority groups based on their status. perceived victim, at least relative to the dominant group. Equity as a policy also attacks the advantages of the dominant group and ends up destroying the concept of individual merit and freedom.

Again, this is something vile, that kills freedom and that Marxists and cultural deconstructionists are trying to put pressure on children. In terms of what they’ve been teaching kids, a “matrix of oppression” was leaked from the Springfield school district in January. It included terms that the curriculum considers “covert” forms of white supremacy. These included terms like “color blindness” and phrases like “all lives matter” and actions like “claiming reverse racism.”

So, of course, it is presumed that the teachers were taught that they could never teach their students that America has strived to be a color blind society, or that the BLM’s crimes against white shop owners were “reverse racism. “so that they would not be fired.

According to the teachers’ specific legal complaint, they were forced to agree with the school district’s “equity trainers,” who would make statements such as, “In doing social justice work, it is important that we acknowledge the dark history and the violence against natives and indigenous peoples around the world “. The lawsuit claimed that these coaches would require teachers to indicate whether they agreed or disagreed with these crazy statements, and if they did not, “they were reprimanded by co-workers and reprimanded by school district leaders.”

What’s worse is that if teachers did not subscribe to the school district’s approach to “racial essentialism,” there was a risk that they would have their “pay cut” or their jobs “put in jeopardy.”

So for these poor teachers, it’s either promoting anti-white racism and Marxist-driven hatred toward America or losing their livelihood. If ever there was a reason to sue, this is it. God bless you.

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