• August 24, 2021

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen is revealed when Savanthun becomes the center of attention with the light-wielding hive guardians; Season of the lost detailed

After many, Many Years of teasing the expansion that will usher in Destiny 2’s Savathun era, The Witch Queen, has finally been formally revealed. The new trailer, along with the news-packed livestream, shed a decent amount of “light” on the upcoming expansion.

Let’s jump right into the plot as, well, Bungie made no effort to explain it. All of that time spent in his Throne Room after the events of The Possessed King was clearly time well spent, as he has developed the ability to create Hive Ghosts and Hive Guardians that are capable of wielding the Light. Yes, we will take on the Knights of the Hive, Witches and more with Void, Solar and Arc Light, and more when The Witch Queen launches in 2022, probably in late February, as this is when Season of the Lost will end. .

Fortunately, the Guardians will also have new tools at their disposal. We don’t know about the new Darkness subclass yet, but we do know about a new weapon archetype, the spear-shaped Glaive. The Glaive will be a first person melee energy weapon that can not only perform melee combos, but has a mid-range energy blast.

However, you will not find the Glaive in any chest, it will be one of the first recently announced weapons to be added in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. The expansion will usher in a new system where players can build the weapon of their dreams by leveling up in combat and choosing how they want to customize their weapon. Based on the live stream, this system will support new weapons and also some legacy weapons. I am still waiting for more details on that.

According to Bungie, they put an additional emphasis on the Witch Queen campaign, comparing it to that of Doom and other great shooter campaigns. We’ll have to see for ourselves when it comes out, but they also added that there will be a more brutal legendary version of the campaign that is designed to be much more difficult and challenging for experienced players.

The main setting for The Witch Queen appears to be the throne world of Savathun. It is a gloomy and swampy place, and in it, the Guardians must follow the rules of Savathun.

Additionally, The Witch Queen will also usher in a new era where players can look forward to a new raid or dungeon every three months. The Witch Queen will see the return of a free Destiny 1 Legacy Raid, and the paid version will feature two new dungeons.

We also take a look at the collector’s edition. While not much was shown, it was confirmed that there would be a Hive Ghost replica that comes with its own stand to make it shine. It’s great!

Finally, it was also mentioned that The Witch Queen will be the beginning of the Light subclasses that will get the Dark / Stasis treatment in terms of fragments and skins that start with Void subclasses and every season in year 5 will see another Light subclass retouched in the same way. . .

Season of the Lost releases today

In addition to all the news about The Witch Queen, Season of the Lost also received more information.

It will serve as a prologue to The Witch Queen and see Mara Sov return to The Dreaming City, reviving all of Dreaming City’s ancient technology.

Mara Sov is trying to rescue her lost pact and is competing against Xivu Arath, Oryx’s other Hive sister, to reach them first in The Shattered Realm. Expect many Dreaming City secrets and possessed enemies while playing this season’s campaign.

Season of the Lost will feature a Queen’s Guard-themed armor that looks absolutely sick, and of course, it will also have some new exotics. There will be a new Exotic quest for Ager’s Sceptor, which appears to be a Stasis Trace Rifle, and the Exotic Season Pass will be Lorentz Driver, which appears to be a Solar Sniper.

Season of the Lost will also kick off cross-play for the first time in Destiny 2 along with solo queue trials, a new anti-cheat system with Battleye, and more.

It will be a long season, which will run from August to the end of February. But thankfully, Bungie’s 30th anniversary event will carry the torch in the winter. You can read all about it here.

It was a packed live broadcast. Destiny 2 players: what excited you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

As more information comes out today, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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