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  • August 24, 2021

Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Has Lawmaker ‘Questioning My Service … As A Democrat’

Littleton State Representative David Ortiz is not holding back on the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal from the Biden administration.

In a little noticed interview August 19 with the Colorado sun Ortiz said that the whole debacle It has him “questioning my service as an elected leader, as a Democrat.”

Ortiz’s comments follow another interview last week in which the disabled Afghanistan veteran criticized President Biden’s turn.

Ortiz also targeted “privileged” politicians such as Democratic US Senator Michael Bennet.

Bennet defends Biden’s handling of the withdrawal that quickly resulted in the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban, calling it the “right decision.”

Ortiz went on to call out Biden’s decision to elevate politics above reality on the ground, as it became clear that the pullout was not going according to plan. “Heartbreaking … and disgusting for me to see. “

Ortiz, a former Army helicopter pilot, also described the 2012 Heartbreaking Accident in Afghanistan That left him paralyzed.

“We initiated an emergency landing in case things went from bad to worse, and they did, the engine exploded,” he said.

“My memory cuts out about 20 feet off the ground. I woke up three to five minutes later, thick dust in the air, feeling hot, covered in metal. “

He is he first known legislator in the Colorado General Assembly use a wheelchair.

Ortiz is not alone among Colorado Democrats who have questioned the Biden administration’s chaotic withdrawal.

Aurora Rep. Jason Crow also criticized Biden’s hasty withdrawal and called on the administration Tuesday to extend its Aug. 31 deadline to evacuate all Americans and Afghan allies from the country.

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