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  • August 24, 2021

Immediately after Joe’s speech ended, WH “hid” the YouTube video clip

I’m not sure why the White House was quick to cancel the list of Biden’s speech today. I have my thoughts on it, but it is just my opinion, not based on any fact.


It all started with Joe being more than 2 hours late for his own speech.

We were told that it would be a speech about Afghanistan and the new (horrible) events that occurred today.

So what happened today?

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Well, simply put, we found out that the Taliban control everything, even America’s foreign policy right now.

They would NOT allow Joe Biden to extend the August 31 deadline to leave the country. The Taliban called it a “red line” and said that if Biden stayed longer, there would be “consequences.”

Biden quickly decided to leave, even when our European allies begged him not to.

A complete and utter disaster.


German officials said there’s no way we can get all of our people out in this small amount of time, heck, even crazy TDS Liz Cheney agreed with that.

And Fox News reported that American troops have already begun to deploy, leading many to believe that Americans will stay there to die.

So it’s been a bad day for Joe and for America.

When Joe finally decided to come forward, he started talking about the budget bill. In fact, the Afghanistan disaster was third on their list; again, people were horrified.

Imagine having family or loved ones glued to you and you tune in and see this jerk talking about a budget bill? My God…

Biden left without answering any questions and the last question you may hear yelled at is about “standard Americans.”

But he kept crawling to the door.


And then right after, the clip was not listed.

Was it removed from the list to eliminate the “bad” parts? Who knows.

But I think it was something much simpler than that.

I think THIS is why they removed it … so those “thumbs down” numbers weren’t higher than they already were.


No matter the reason, it’s just another “weird” thing Team Biden does, which makes all this shit we’re seeing look and feel even more artificial and weird.

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