• November 28, 2021

A talk about the 2021 elections with Shannon Proudfoot, Paul Wells, Justin Ling, Fatima Syed and Andrew MacDougall

Ottawa office manager Shannon Proudfoot will be joined by Paul Wells, Justin Ling, Andrew MacDougall and Fatima Syed at 12:30 pm ET on Friday, August 27 to a chat on Twitter Space at lunchtime about the 2021 election campaign so far.

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This is some of what they have written so far:

  • Proudfoot: Friendly or cold? Sloppy or practical? What Voters See in Federal Parties
  • Wells: On health care, the song remains the same.
  • Ling: Conservatives’ murky position on ‘conscience rights’ in health care
  • Syed: Erin O’Toole’s 8th Grade Vision – Become PM
  • MacDougall: The Kinds of Mistakes Winning Campaigns Don’t Make

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