• August 27, 2021

The Elden Ring will look familiar to Souls players despite some differences.

Reporters were recently given a sneak peek at 16 minutes of the game during a closed-door session, and what they saw were various features of the game, including a look at the map and the world at large.

In the game, set in The Lands Between, players will be able to explore the world at their own pace with “as much freedom as possible,” said FromSoftware spokesman Yasahiro Kitao. The Washington Post.

The world also feels quite emergent and it will also be fraught with dangers. For example, you may be riding to your next destination and suddenly a dragon will fall from the sky and attack you.

According to Kitao, the game is not really an open-world title, but as GameSpot surmised, it is indeed an open-world game, but one that is “cut from the same fabric as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” in compared to the typical large-scale open world where you can almost get lost. Instead, it feels denser than too large, and because of this, there is always something that will attract players on the horizon, as “curiosity” will be their guide rather than points of interest on a map, according to GameSpot. .

Storywise, Elden Ring will feature multiple paths and endings, and instead of the world story alone, you can expect the game to also focus on the characters and “the drama that surrounds them,” to “paint a clearer picture and help the Players Dive More “, compared to other FromSoftware titles.

As for the gameplay, according to various outlets, it will feel familiar to those who have played Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Sekiro as you can run out and stop, but for Polygon, there are another combat mechanic called Guard Counter where you can reply after blocking, but it will cost you stamina. And of course you can also expect the game to be quite challenging.

Other familiar skins will include fast travel, an NPC to help you learn new skills and level up, and there will be a hub where friends and allies will appear. There is also the option to summon spirits to assist you, and each has its own upgrade path.

There will also be areas called inherited dungeons, like a huge multi-level castle, which are similar to challenge areas where you won’t be able to summon a horse or fast travel to get out. Some of these areas can have multiple routes, which as with the castle, can be found by jumping through the architecture, as just one example.

At present, it is not known with certainty how long it will take for the game to finish, as it will vary from player to player.

“Although we are still in the process of testing and determining the final playing time, we believe this is going to vary quite a bit from player to player depending on what kind of route they take around the world and what they find,” Kitao said. .

Elden Ring is scheduled for release on January 21 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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