• August 28, 2021

Halo Infinite campaign was not at Gamescom because 343 is busy debugging

One of Gamescom’s biggest announcements this week was the news that Halo Infinite was confirmed for a December release, which was great, but fans were disappointed by the absence once again of any Halo Infinite campaign game. . Developer 343 has now addressed the reasons for this, saying that it is putting “maximum effort” into making the game great, but needs to “avoid distractions.”

In the last Halo Insider blog post For Infinite, Creative Director Joseph Staten details where 343 Industries and Halo Infinite are at the moment. The team is in “shutdown mode,” meaning Infinite is essentially full, but the team is “focused on squashing high-priority bugs” and doing everything they can “to ensure Campaign (and multiplayer!) Works. good on all platforms. “

Staten describes this as a “critical phase” and that it is “important [for the team] to avoid distractions and focus only on mission-critical tasks, ”and that includes creating things for Gamescom. “Game demos and trailers don’t just require a great deal of effort to get right,” explains Staten, “they also eliminate error cycles and other shutdown tasks.”

Therefore, in order to make Halo Infinite the “best it can be”, 343 decided not to show the campaign at Gamescom. However, Staten confirms that the campaign is complete and that he has played it himself “several times” and that it is “fundamentally a lot of fun to play.” The team will show more campaign gameplay “once we get this plane safely on the ground.”

This reasoning does not fully excuse the fact that 343 Industries and Microsoft have not shown the Halo Infinite campaign since July 2020 and will not include either Co-op or Forge Mode at launch. However, it seems that Infinite is generally on track for a December launch and there may even be another public flight test before launch.

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