• December 7, 2021

New South Wales COVID Cases Rise, Victoria COVID Cases Rise, NSW Lockdown Continues, Victoria Lockdown Continues, Pfizer Vaccine Acceptance Soars

Going back to Victoria, where health authorities say that while some major groups have clear connections between the cases, community-transmitted cases in Melbourne’s north and west suburbs continue to drive the number of cases.

COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar said the Shepparton outbreak continued to be “very significant,” with more than 9,000 primary close contacts. About 83 percent of top close contacts to that group have since tested negative.

Members of the Defense Forces testing for Covid-19 at the Shepparton Fairgrounds in central Victoria.Credit:Justin mcmanus

There are 88 residents at Wharparilla Lodge in Echuca, which is connected to the Shepparton outbreak through a positive elderly care worker, and about 92 percent of those who received at least one hit. There were no new cases related to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Mr. Weimar also noted his concern for the large group at Broadmeadows that is connected to a MyCentre Child Care and continues to have new emerging cases, now numbering 102 active cases.

But he said that while cases continue to appear in the northern and western suburbs, the outbreak was “murmuring” but not causing over-spreading events.

“Shepparton is starting to look very, very clear … we understand the ties, it’s all part of a meaningful group and there has been a phenomenal response from the broader Shepparton and Golden Valley community,” he said.

“We are not seeing big problems, but what we do have, particularly in those inner suburbs, is because you have multiple transmission chains, there is always the risk that something will bleed out somewhere that you have no control over.

“I heard again last night from a young mother describing how her son had contracted COVID from (Broadmeadows) daycare, through no fault of his own, and how quickly it is spreading through their home and the implications, the discomfort and the true anguish that the child went through. “

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