• August 28, 2021

Please do not name your kid’s game pass

A sleeping baby with the Xbox Game Pass logo.

Photo: Xbox / Kotaku / George Marks / Retrofile (fake images)

Game pass is a fantastic service that offers you a large number of console and PC games for a surprisingly small amount of money. But no matter how much you like Game Pass, listen to Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg ask you not to name his next child “Game Pass.” Please.

Gamescom 2021 wrapped yesterday. During the three-day event, multiple live streams and videos were launched in which developers and publishers talked about upcoming games and partnerships. You know, video game convention shit.

During one of these currents, Bethesda’s Pete Hines and Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg discussed some past stories, including one Hines shared about a woman who went into labor during the Skyrim reveal at Quakecon 2011. She stayed to see the full reveal and then left to have her baby. One of the people who interviewed Hines joked that the couple could have named their son Dovahkiin after the main character of Skyrim. This didn’t happen, but Hines pointed out that someone did exactly that and Bethesda gave them free Bethesda games for life.

Is when (at the 20:45 mark) Xbox’s Greenberg responded with a plea to anyone who was watching and who might be expecting soon.

“I also ask that no one name their baby Game Pass,” Greenberg said.

They all laughed and went on to a story about Greenberg officiating a Gears of war wedding. (Video game conventions and their live broadcasts are rare this year.) But now, I have to imagine that at least one person is thinking to themselves “Oh… would it work? Could get Xbox Game Pass free, for the rest of my life, if I name my son Game Pass …? ”

Based on Greenberg’s answer here, I don’t think it works. However, if it worked, I guess only the first person to try it would. So there is your challenge. But is it worth it for your child to have that ordeal of Game Pass for life?love? I leave that for you to decide.

(h / t: Gamespot)


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