• August 29, 2021

Fighting Won’t Stop After Newsom’s Sept. 14 Retirement Election – RedState

In Part 1 of this Mama Bear Retreat series, I introduced the 2020 Gavin Retreat team members who were instrumental in collecting signatures, making sure they were vetted, sending them to the 58 California County Recorder-Registrars and obtaining the withdrawal of 2 million signatures. . It only took $ 1.459 billion to trigger a recall election, and these women (with the help of a few men) went further. These are its stories.

In Part 2 of the series, the Mama Bears warned that the fight for the actual impeachment ballot must continue. They are working to make people understand that it is good that they signed the petition, but now they still need to vote “YES” for Gavin Newsom to be removed. The Mama Bears also discussed the opposition’s strategies, rumors, and outright evidence of voter suppression and fraud, and how they are working to thwart it.

We ended our long and informative conversation by talking about September 14 – the day of the special recall election. I wanted to know what they think the actual result might imply. What would it look like if we win and Newsom retires?

More importantly, what will it look like if we lose and Newsom retains his seat?

The Mama Bears remain cautiously optimistic that this battle will be won, and we will see this named Governor.

“I think it will really come down to Los Angeles County,” said executive secretary and lead proponent Christine Abercrombie.

Orange County Coordinator Wendy Redlew Shrove agreed.

“I think so,” he said.

Abercrombie continued,

“Los Angeles County is going to be the hinge, you know. All eyes on Los Angeles County, like they’re on them. I know our registrar here in Sacramento is pretty neutral. We can just give up on San Francisco. “

Although more than 11,000 people signed recall petitions in San Francisco County (over 9,000 verified), Abercrombie has no hope that those voters will seal the deal “YES” to the recall.

“Funny story,” Abercrombie chimed in.

“In the early days, the Thursday night team would have a shot of tequila if we got a request from San Francisco County. We’d “greet” a unicorn! “

This entire retreat has been unprecedented, so perhaps the unicorns of San Francisco will rise again and surprise Abercrombie and others.

San Joaquin Central Valley Regional Manager Ellen Woitalla said it best,

“Whether Gavin is retired on October 1 or not, we are the shot that has been heard around the world. We did something that has never been done in California in the 55 years I’ve lived here, all my life. We are up against a guy, ”he said.

These Mama Bears dared to challenge the status quo and denounce corruption. In fact, if it hadn’t been for impeachment, would the world (not just California) know how corrupt this governor is? On the overreaching of the executive power? The lies about wildfire prevention? Use the power of your office to control the PG&E bankruptcy settlement where your friend of 20 years would benefit? How poorly managed has the state been under the pandemic?

Doubtful. Collecting signatures, and putting the revocation on a ballot, shed light on the depth of corruption that exists and why this governor should go.

Abercrombie agreed:

“We wanted him to do it. I think that’s what all women, I’m just going to speak for myself and hopefully for them, to say that. that it was our main objective. Just to throw a big wrench in this system. We will not only agree to this tyranny, we will not allow it. We’re absolutely not having it, and whatever it takes, being on the streets, doing whatever it takes, you know? “

Northern California Regional Manager Heather Keller chimed in,

“Yes, hitting the corners.”

Abercrombie replied:

“We’re making it”.

Ventura County Coordinator Shellie Balsz is excited about September 14, but also about what the retreat has unleashed in her community.

“I think it will be the same. I spent two years doing this, but I also continue our local retreats for the Board of Supervisors and all of that, ”he said.

“So, I’m not going to stop anytime soon. The teams we have locally are getting bigger and bigger. It’s so amazing to watch. “

Another example of Gavin Newsom unifying Californians in a way he didn’t expect. The retreat, this pandemic, the confinements worked to create more committed communities that are taking back the reins of their local government.

We have the Mama Bears to thank for this.

Woitalla agreed with Balsz,

“We form alliances with all of our different communities. Right now, there are retreats across the state, in communities large and small.

“It’s not just about remembering Gavin. This has sparked this renaissance of reclaiming our government within our own communities. And I have been fortunate to be a part of these different movements in my own county.

“So yeah, I want him out, of course.

“I mean, I have invested two years in this. I want to see this all the way to the finish line. But I don’t feel like that’s the end goal. The ultimate goal is to make a change forever, and I think we’ve already done that. “

Riverside County Coordinator Roxanna Maxam chimed in:

“I think this retreat awakened something in all of us that we didn’t know we had in ourselves. We are now upon. We are not silent. Riverside County, we are preparing to attack and remove our boards. We don’t like what they’re doing in our city, and we’re going to pit them against the women I remembered Gavin with. “

“Yes, we can do anything, because now we know that be able to do anything! “

There are 16 days until September 14 and the optimism of these bear moms has not diminished.

“I think we are going to have a victory, and it will be a landslide,” Woitalla said.

“I think it’s going to be a gigantic ‘YES’ vote, and I think we’re all waiting until the last minute for that to not give them any advantage over us.”

“What am I thinking [that] people are thinking, but reading people and data … we want to win. “

Abercrombie reflects on how it all started,

“It’s really amazing, even with the extension, that we were able to get so many signatures.”

As this California citizen-led retreat comes to a head, Abercrombie’s message to the organizations and candidates, Republicans or Democrats who are seizing the coattails of his hard work is simple:

“They just need to stay out of the way. Introduce your candidates and do what you want to do, but stay out of it. “

Woitalla agreed,

“It worries me at this point, when you talk about organizations that come in at the last minute and try to hijack blood and sweat and sweat and tears, you know it from everyone across the state.”

Shrove chimed in,

“What worries me is that they are not only kidnapping him, but they are threatening him,” he warned.

“I know that everyone has different people who will probably want to replace Newsom, if we prevail. Gavin Newsom, he’s out there saying you don’t want your state to be run by some far-right guy from Fox News. And I keep trying to tell the Republicans please focus on reasons to remember Gavin. “

“This state is not ready to take it that far, and we just have to get to Question 1. Question 1, That’s all that matters.

“We need those moderate Democrats, we need those independent votes. We have to have those votes or this is not going to happen ”.

Yesterday my husband and I drove home from a Kevin Kiley campaign event and found a car trailer for Recall Gavin Newsom. All the cars were adorned with recovery flags, American flags, stickers, banners, the works. They drove safely, in formation, and received honks and cheers on the road from other drivers, including us.

The drive and passion to see Gavin Newsom remembered is the highest I have ever seen. I am old enough to have been present at the Gray Davis retirement in 2003, and it didn’t come close to the current one in terms of enthusiasm for change, grassroots organizing, and most importantly, individual citizen participation.

What encourages me is that voters are not only motivated, but also informed. They go to the candidates’ websites; they’re watching Kevin Paffrath’s videos and paying attention to the discussions. They will go to rallies and share research and information on the Question 2 candidates with friends and family, so that their “YES” on Question 1 has the greatest impact.

The Mama Bears invested nearly two years and a lot of time, energy, sacrifice, and equity in sweat to make sure we could get to Question 1: Should Gavin Newsom be retired?? Reaching 50 + 1 “YES” in that question is essential to see the change of course of this State.

While his hard work will never be in vain, seeing this governor removed will be a victory of epic proportions and a landmark for change in the way governance is conducted across the nation, and not just in California.


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