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  • August 30, 2021

No more heroes 3 | Critical consensus

The Travis Touchdown story has finally come to an end, as No More Heroes 3 was released for Nintendo Switch last Friday.

The end of the hack-and-slash series sees its protagonist Travis Touchdown take on alien assassins who threaten Earth.

Critical response has been mixed in with mainstream media doling out raves and scorn in equal measure. The most extreme criticisms are offsetting each other, as No More Heroes 3 says a metacritical score of 74%.

“Newcomers to the series must adjust to its many idiosyncrasies, but No More Heroes III successfully resurrects Suda51 [director Goichi Suda] A decade-old cult hit, “said PCMag’s Jordan Minor in his 4/5 review.

“No More Heroes III takes the sharp, gory, and stylized aesthetic of the franchise in an even more psychedelic direction.”

Jordan Minor, PCMag

Greysun Morales echoed the same sentiment in his 4/5 Game Rant review. “No More Heroes 3 can be repetitive at times and doesn’t have the best bosses in the series’ history, but players new and old will have a blast playing the game.”

Siliconera’s Jenni Lada had a less enthusiastic opinion of the game on her 7/10 review.

Lada said No More Heroes 3 feels designed to appeal to fans of the series more than others. “The direction of the character, the humor, the style, the combat, the minigames and even the free map are reminiscent of the things that made the latest games stand out,” he said.

One place critics agreed is that the game succeeds or fails by the force of its combat.

“No More Heroes III refines the franchise’s lightsaber hack-and-slash action game to the sharpest it has ever been,” said Minor.

“The free map item is back in No More Heroes 3 and it’s kind of a mixed bag.”

Jenni Lada, Siliconera

Lada said that the standard encounters in the game seem to put your skills to the test. However, the moments when the game changes to Travis fighting in space and / or in his armor feel like the opposite of that experience.

“[It] it was like I was moving until I saw the locked symbols, the button smashed when I could to send bullets and lightning bolts, and I didn’t always need to be at my best, “Lada said.

Critics seem to agree that outside of battle, No More Heroes 3 isn’t nearly as exciting as players who spend a lot of time traversing various empty cities.

Lada explains that riding around your motorcycle is not fun due to the lack of activities. “Even if you try to explain the void by suggesting that it is due to alien attacks and threats, it appears void,” he said.

GameSpot’s Richard Wakeling said the title sometimes feels boring to play on your 4/10 review.

“No More Heroes 3 is so good at making everything you do feel great that it almost doesn’t matter.”

Suriel Vazquez, Polygon

“The combat takes over, and there is a degree of vivid style to be found there, but the game fails in many other areas,” Wakeling said.

Explain that the fight is entertaining, but there is a disconnect between it and the rest of the game. Also, he feels that it lacks the charm of the previous entries in the series.

Nevertheless, Suriel Vázquez from Polygon He said the game benefits from a concern for style over substance.

“So the fights, the minigames and the exploration of the open world are not convincing. But No More Heroes 3 is so good at making everything you do feel great that it almost does not matter,” said Vazquez.

The game makes a lot of pop culture references to the point where it loses its luster, Vasquez says, but he thinks you play a game like this for its style and not much else.

In its 6/10 reviewIGN’s Matt Kim gave a summary of the game that critics who either loved or hated it would probably agree on.

“Developer Grasshopper Manufacture describes themselves as a video game punk band, and No More Heroes 3 definitely feels like a home show where the guitarist is playing a broken amp, glued to hell but not quite sounding yet. fine, “said Kim.


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