• December 6, 2021

Brisbane’s CBD Recovery Gives Sydney and Melbourne Heart, Says Roy Morgan

The number of pedestrians in Brisbane’s CBD has more than doubled in the fortnight since the most recent COVID-19 lockdown was lifted, giving Sydney and Melbourne hope that they too will quickly rebound once restrictions are lifted. , shows new research.

Market analyst Roy Morgan said the number of pedestrians in Brisbane’s CBD had now risen to 54 percent from pre-pandemic levels, compared to 23 percent during the early August shutdown.

Roy Morgan’s research shows that pedestrians are slowly beginning to return to city centers, except in Sydney and Melbourne, which remain locked in.Credit:Roy morgan

The study reviewed pedestrian movements in CBDs across the country and found that activity in downtown Brisbane had increased substantially since the last blockade was lifted just a fortnight ago.

Brisbane had an eight-day lockdown in early August and a four-day lockdown in late June and early July.

“The seven-day average movement level in Brisbane’s CBD was 54 percent of pre-pandemic levels in late August, down from a low of just 23 percent in early August,” the research shows. “That is the highest level in almost three months, since the end of May.”

Pedestrian activity has returned to 54 percent of pre-pandemic levels in Brisbane's CBD.

Pedestrian activity has returned to 54 percent of pre-pandemic levels in Brisbane’s CBD.Credit:Tony moore

Adelaide, Perth and Hobart CBDs were also slowly returning to pre-COVID levels. However, foot traffic in the heart of Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, was still a fraction of pre-pandemic levels at the end of August because both remained locked up.

In Sydney, pedestrian movement stood at 12% of pre-pandemic levels, while in Melbourne it stood at 13%.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said Brisbane’s rapid recovery showed that other CBDs would recover.

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