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  • August 31, 2021

Lauren Boebert’s mountain of luggage finally goes national

Lauren and Jayson Boebert.

Living room Zachary Petrizzo a national spotlight shines In one of the many disturbing stories locals have been sharing about the magnet of first-year Republican controversy, Rep. Lauren boebert From Rifle, Colorado For Years: The 2004 Conviction Of Representative Boebert’s Spouse Jayson boebert On charges of public indecency and lewd exposure stemming from an incident at a bowling alley involving underage girls:

Jayson Steven Boebert, the husband of Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, has complicated his wife’s political career recently, following reports that the right-wing congresswoman failed to disclose Jayson’s highly paid work in the natural gas industry while he was in office. in the House Committee on Natural Resources, which directly oversees the regulation of that business.

It seems like it may not be the only thing about Jayson that Rep. Boebert doesn’t want the public to know. In January 2004, when Jayson Boebert was 24, he was arrested for exposing himself to two young women at a Colorado bowling alley. His future wife Lauren Roberts (as she was known then), who was 17 at the time, was also present and was told that she was no longer welcome at the bowling alley.

Jayson Boebert pleaded guilty to “public indecency and lewd exposure” after that incident, according to The New York Post, and was sentenced to four days in jail with two years later on probation …

It’s a faithful retelling of the story our readers know, right down to the joke about Jayson’s six-inch thumb:

When Garfield County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived, McCown told them that he had repeatedly asked Jayson Boebert to leave the bowling alley, but that Boebert had “refused to leave and had become belligerent.” Boebert told officers that he had not exposed his penis, but that he had put his thumb through the fly of his pants as a joke. Trisha Walies disputed that in her account, writing: “I know it wasn’t a thumb because thumbs are not 6 inches long.” [Pols emphasis] Lauren Roberts told officers that she had not seen Jayson Boebert expose himself.

Because the local public here in Colorado is already quite familiar with the Boeberts’ long and sordid history, the question for us for some time has been how long Lauren Boebert, with all her baggage, can keep attacking the Democrats on issues. personal. misconduct in front of someone with an audience even larger than Boebert’s social media followers point it out. In her brief time in the limelight, Rep. Boebert has refined a Donald trump– a strategy in the style of relying on his scandals – engaging in finger-pointing so obviously hypocritical that it may have the effect of confusing his critics regarding Boebert’s own record.

But as with Trump, it is only a matter of time before this daring ploy stops working. Boebert knows that all of this information is in the public record waiting to be “resurfaced.” The more the national media investigates Boebert’s background, the more astonishing hypocrisy they will find.

Trying to shout out one’s shady past is a fundamentally bad idea. It is a positive feedback loop of misfortune.

Lauren Boebert seems to be testing this before our eyes.

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