• August 31, 2021

Wings over Scotland | The Canary

Her Majesty’s Prisoner No. 157095, or Craig Murray as we still prefer to call him, is a fascinating piece of living evidence of the Kafkaesque country Scotland has become under the despotic rule of Nicola Sturgeon.

Craig has a number of serious medical conditions, one of which causes frequent dizziness and fainting spells. To gauge his severity (because it’s obviously hard for Craig to judge, given he’s dizzy and / or passed out at the time), his doctor gave him a device called pulse oximeter. Depending on the readings after an attack, Craig’s life could be in danger and an ambulance should be called.

HMP Edinburgh, however, confiscated the device when he was arrested, on the grounds that it uses batteries and the batteries could be used for some nefarious purpose not specified in the prison. (Presumably in the rare moments that Craig isn’t getting high from smoking drug-soaked books or running an empire of illegal postage stamps.)

But since presumably even the Scottish prison authorities realize that it would look pretty bad if a political prisoner like Craig died in jail, they offered him an alternative.

As a civilian prisoner rather than a criminal, the only one in Saughton, in fact, one of the few privileges is that Craig has only one cell. But to avoid the problem of his possible death due to the oximeter being taken away, the prison offered Craig a shared cell, on the basis that if he collapsed, the other prisoner could call for help.

(We can only assume that HMP Edinburgh has a large number of medically skilled inmates with the ability to accurately judge someone’s blood oxygen level after fainting without any measurement equipment and determine if emergency intervention is required.)

Meanwhile, of course, The Times is gleefully serializing a grimy stain from a book which incredibly obvious He is in contempt of court at least as serious as Craig is incarcerated. In the evidence established by Lady Dorrian, which is that only a person with pre-existing intimate knowledge of one of the accusers could identify him as a complainant of something published in a newspaper or website, a minimum of three Times articles. in the four days they contain information that allows to identify one of the accusers.

But what gets Craig Murray sentenced to eight months in prison, gets the “mainstream” Scottish “journalists” to win a lucrative book deal. We imagine it could be quite interesting if they do a signing tour where people can ask them questions.


As always, if you can spare a few minutes to write to Craig, he greatly appreciates his letters, book gifts, etc., which help fill the slow 22.5 hours of each day that he is locked in his cell.

His direction is:

157095 C Murray
G3 / 34 HM Edinburgh Prison
33 Stenhouse Road
EH11 3LN

Alternatively, you can send him an email via the Email a prisoner service. This costs 40p per message, but Craig can answer and video calls are even possible (although Photo attachments are NOT allowed in HMP Edinburgh).

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