• September 1, 2021

President Biden End’s Afghanistan war left the United States unmasked for July 4 and passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill. But Republicans couldn’t mentally manage their competent successes, so right-wing members of Congress and the governor loyal to Trump mounted a war on masks to make the Delta variant pop up, hurt the US economy. sabotage Biden’s pandemic recovery success. What should we call them? Traitors, murderers, sociopaths, opportunistic hypocrites, or all of the above. Will Attorney General Merrick Garland act to protect us from these domestic enemies?

President Biden’s strength as a leader comes from his competence and integrity as a person. A real man, not a fake strongman like the one above, Biden is not anyone’s puppet or a circus thief desperately looking for demonstrations or pledges of allegiance to feed his ego. Biden ran for president to try to restore America’s morality from the corruption that Trump has inflicted on the government, the Republican party, and gullible and vulnerable Americans. It faces monumental challenges with the rise of COVID, ending the war in Afghanistan, Hurricane Ida, and a country divided by politics and race. Yet he has managed to remain unaffected by the outrageous ravings and criticism from the likes of Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and other unworthy and insignificant Trump servants.

Trump supporters should be wondering why after eight months of claiming the election was stolen, is there no evidence from any state recount finding that Trump won more votes than Biden? Anyone who continues to believe the “big lie” when it has been refuted by conservative accounts or is unintelligent, a partisan or anti-American cultist. The results of the Arizona count are being withheld because it showed that TRUMP LOST. Every claim of fraud was frivolous and dismissed from the courts by both Republican and Democratic judges. Even the Supreme Court rejected allegations of fraud by Trump’s lawyers. The only liars are the supporters of the “big lie.”

The infiltration of conspiracy theorists into Congress is another reflection of the growing number of extremists in the Republican electorate. The old-fashioned Republican party is filled with old white men, young white supremacists, religious white women who accept the servitude of hateful male counterfeit men, and hypocritical evangelicals. The party is fueled by hatred and driven by power intended to inflict its Christian-dominated racist ideology on all Americans. It’s okay for Republicans to oppose funding for social programs or disagree with Democrats’ priorities, but why does the opposition have to be obnoxious and aggressive?

The war on masks is proof that the Republican Party’s claim to be the party of Christian values ​​is a “big lie.” Enabling an adulterous man, lawbreaker, dishonest, vulgar and petty, who lost the presidency and both Houses makes them accomplices of his crimes against democracy and decency. Americans are dying needlessly from COVID and the variant due to brainwashing and the politicization of mask use, the mask mandate, and vaccines. Industries, school districts, and the courts are fighting the sociopathic campaigns of Republicans who ignore human life in hopes of political gain.

If this dangerous movement continues, perhaps Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney and other Republican patriots will start a new Republican party and neutralize the Trump movement and restore a truly democratic two-party system. President Biden faces the most criminal, indecent, and anti-American opposition ever fought against a US president, yet he continues to work to rebuild the economy that Trump smashed, saving, not destroying lives, and saving democracy.

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