• September 1, 2021

Takeout available for New Zealanders outside of Auckland

New Zealanders have flocked to take-out outlets after restrictions eased across most of the country on Tuesday, and queues formed early in the morning.

But the strict level four restrictions will remain in place in the country’s largest city, Auckland, where the opening of all food outlets is prohibited for at least another two weeks.

The New Zealanders rushed to test stage three restrictions for the first time on Tuesday morning.Credit:Brya Ingram / THINGS

The rest of the country has progressed to level three restrictions, allowing some retailers to reopen for click and collect and food outlets to serve takeout. People have also flocked to the beaches and golf courses where outdoor recreation is now allowed.

Starving New Zealanders hit takeout stores in droves Tuesday morning with car tours set up to minimize customer contact.

The images also showed long lines of cars waiting to test the level three restrictions at lunchtime for the first time, while business owners prepared for an afternoon rush.

At McDonald’s, people who had to wait for their food picked it up from an outdoor table after a staff member left it.

The line for KFC in New Plymouth overflowed on Courtenay Street at lunchtime.

The line for KFC in New Plymouth overflowed on Courtenay Street at lunchtime.Credit:SIMON O’CONNOR / THINGS

Hepa Puru was one of the first people in Christchurch to try the takeout after the two-week shutdown, she told the local news outlet. Things that a $ 50 McDonald’s banquet was secured to welcome the first day of reduced restrictions.

He said his mouth was watering, thinking about the order. “I’ll be back later when the kids wake up,” he said. Stuff.

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