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  • September 2, 2021

Hillary is back with Huma and what looks like a handler by her side

Hillary is back on the news with Huma and what looks like a handler by her side.

In 2016, before the election, we identified a person next to Hillary, known as her handler.

Hillary’s handler was caught putting an “anti-drug pen” in his pocket after the debate in Las Vegas #SickHillary

Hillary was also very exhausted and took weekends off.

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EXHAUSTED HILLARY takes off on the weekends, and the media is covering it

We also noticed that Hillary spent more time with her aide Huma than with President Clinton. They got back together in 2017.

With his men in jail or God knows where: Hillary and Huma are back together

Hillary and Huma were seen together again last weekend in the Hamptons.

Hillary clinton and his former aide Huma Abedin are proving that many scandals, failed presidential campaigns and revealing books can stand in the way of their lifelong friendship, as they met this weekend in the Hamptons for a relaxed lunch.

Clinton, 73, and Abedin, 45, seemed like the best of friends when they joined several colleagues at Carissa’s The Bakery in East Hampton, where they were seen laughing and chatting over coffee and pastries while sunbathing at an outdoor table. .

The former secretary of state and her lifelong assistant seemed to have no worries in the world, despite the fact that their departure occurs a few days before a new crime drama about Bill clintonThe romance with Monica Lewinsky will be published, and two months before Abedin publishes a “ heartfelt ” book that will tell it all, she will detail her marriage to former Representative Anthony Weiner and her work on Clinton’s failed 2016 bid for the white. Home.

It seems the gang is back together: Hillary, Huma and a handler.

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