• September 2, 2021

Roe falls as Supreme Court allows near-total abortion ban in Texas to go into effect

The court gave no explanation for the decision to allow Texas Republicans to begin enforcing a new law that clearly violates Roe.

In today’s news: The Supreme Court allowed a Texas law to go into effect that prohibits abortion after 6 weeks from the last menstrual period, removing protections implemented by Roe vs. Wade and block nearly all abortions performed within the state. No judicial explanation was offered. The new extremist-backed law also builds a “vigilante” system whereby Texans can turn over anyone who is an “accessory” to an abortion, turning the state into a circus of for-profit claims brought by religious anti-abortion radicals. against any Texas offer. some support for some abortion.

Why did the Supreme Court decide to let the Roe-violate the law go into effect? They are not saying it. And it seems that the now far-right court pretends that silence is the insult to the nation that it appears to be.

This is something you may have missed:

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