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  • September 3, 2021

Adams Family Misquotes, Lauren Boebert Edition



From the “nothing is really deleted” files, Politiwoops caught another short-lived arrow of brand-new falsehood from Rep. Lauren boebert this morning:

Although there is nothing wrong with the legend, the inhabitants of Twitter took the offensive graphic for posterity:

The problem is that the quote “for true patriots to be silent is dangerous” was not uttered by John adams, the second president of the United States, but rather the second cousin of John Adams, the fourth Governor of Massachusetts. Samuel Adams. And to be clear, how Mathew helman Points out, Governor Samuel Adams has no historical relationship to the Boston Beer Company (founded 1984) that produces the beer that most people know Sam Adams himself for.

All the fun facts for those who know their history to trade at parties! We’re going to take a chance and suggest, hopefully without too much condescension, that mastery of historical trivia is not a front-line job requirement for Representative Boebert’s staff.

Usually some toasting on Twitter would inspire better QA from the social media graphics department, but that’s not how Roll of “America First”. So it is up to you, insightful reader, to always bear in mind the immortal words of the President. Abraham Lincoln:

That’s good advice, no matter who said it first.

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