• September 3, 2021

Parliament will hold a general debate on the definition of ‘Islamophobia’

I guarantee you that no one will tell the obvious truth: the term “Islamophobia” is an illegitimate combination of two distinct phenomena: crimes against innocent Muslims or discrimination against them, neither of which is ever justified, and honest analysis of the motivating ideology . of terror jihad, which is always necessary. Islamic advocacy groups and their left-wing allies have been insisting for years that such analysis also constituted “Islamophobia.” And they intend to silence him and force the West to adopt what are essentially blasphemous Sharia restrictions.

“Westminster Hall will hold a general debate on the definition of Islamophobia”, Parliament of the United Kingdom, Aug 31, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

On Thursday 9 September, MPs hold a general debate on the definition of Islamophobia in Westminster Hall.

A full transcript of the debate will be available three hours after the Commons Hansard debate.

The Backbench Business Committee meets weekly on Tuesdays to consider requests for debate from any backbench Member of Parliament on any topic.

The committee must then decide how to allocate the limited parliamentary time available to it. Committee meetings are always held in public and can be seen on Parliament television.

The Backbench Business Committee continues to submit requests for Parliamentary debates.

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