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  • September 4, 2021

Responsible Taliban? Hickenlooper’s brain enters the twilight zone

Joe Biden isn’t the only one in Washington, DC who has no idea what’s going on in the world.

The brain of US Senator John Hickenlooper has been absent from the Twilight Zone, where he is dangerously recalling important historical events and mistaking the Taliban for wayward teens who brought down a mailbox.

Here’s what Hickenlooper told the Colorado Sun:

“We will have a lot of time to look back and see who did the right thing and the wrong thing,” he said.

“There are a lot of smart people looking at that. I think it’s worth it (to watch), as we are processing many of these tragedies that we see in Afghanistan, what will the new future look like? Will the Taliban be the same again? Are they going to try to be a more responsible government and represent all its people? We don’t know yet. “

Yes senator, we do.

They are the Taliban.

If you don’t remember all the heartbreaking news reports almost a decade before the 9/11 attacks and after, Google their war crimes, their brutal treatment of women, how they torture and kill their enemies.

The media should really follow up on this and ask Hickenlooper what he means when he says the Taliban may be more responsible.

How not to stone women for the crime of being raped? Give them 100 lashes with a whip for adultery?

Letting women appear in public without those ridiculous burqas?

Force them to marry where they are beaten and mutilated?

What kind of abusive relationship are Democrats getting us into with these Stone Age psychopaths who have invaded Afghanistan?

Hickenlooper might think that there is a “group of smart people” in the Biden administration who will ensure so-called diplomatic relations and heavily worded letters will keep the Taliban at bay.

But ask any survivor of domestic violence and they will tell you not to trust the abuser when he promises never to hit a woman again.

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