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  • September 4, 2021

What are we all playing this weekend?

Hello and welcome to quasi-fall! Heretic supporters of the meteorological autumn will tell you that we are now in free time. They are, as their name suggests, heretics. Astronomical fall doesn’t start until the 22nd, and are you honestly telling me you’re done with summer? This summer? This short summer? I like the fall with its wrinkles, cocoa and cardigans, but don’t take time away from the precious summer. I will trade you from December 1 to December 21 for these three weeks, you can extend the fall in the back if necessary. Oh, but in the meantime, tell me what are you going to play this weekend.

Alice bee

I think i’m going to play the Strange Horticulture demo several million times. He runs his plant workshop and writes labels for his plants, and he has a cat, and it’s raining outside. Oh yeah.


With a bath at dawn today, my friend, I go back to bed. Then I’ll get back up for Destiny 2 because I’m digging Season Of The Lost. Bungie finally introducing Savathûn as a character we know might have been a disappointment in many ways, but is meeting the witch queen as a talking crystal cocoon somehow really good? She is going to break so many hearts.

He’s on vacation!


More Cyberpunk 2077 for me, and you know what? I’m having a great time with it. My friends and I will also be returning to Divinity: Original Sin 2. We are approaching the final island, which I can only assume is full of fire slugs.


I (finally) finished my game of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance this week and am now looking forward to releasing the PS2 to play the sequel. However, I promised my partner that we would play a cooperative game of his choice. So … I hope you pick Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2. Otherwise, we’ll probably fall into the usual weekend ritual of playing Valorant non-stop.


I’m designated to drive to a wedding this weekend, so I’m spending a lot of my face with Diet Coke. Still, I want to spend some time finishing another Fallout: New Vegas game, which will primarily involve the Lonesome Road DLC. I remember this was oppressively difficult and utterly heartbreaking, but it seems appropriate to follow the happiest day of someone else’s life with my Courier’s most miserable day.

Isn’t it a kick to the head?


It’s another special family road trip for me this weekend, oh what a joy, but I look forward to catching up on Psychonauts 2 when we get home tomorrow, and maybe squeezing a little more into Bravely Default 2. I’ve been playing a lot of songs. Small indie games recently and I’ve missed the splendor of having a brilliant blockbuster to work on, and so far Psychonauts 2 fits that project superbly.

it is ? ? ?


I started a new Humankind game because I realized that I was so far ahead in terms of scoring that the AI ​​would never catch up. I am now at the next most difficult difficulty level and am forced to think more strategically. Someone evidently taught the AI ​​how to build an army between this game and the previous one.

He’s on vacation!

But you, dear reader, what are you going to play this weekend?

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