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  • September 6, 2021

Men seem to be quitting college – HotAir

There is an interesting story in today’s Wall Street Journal about the decline in male enrollment in 2- and 4-year colleges. This gender enrollment disparity is a trend that has been going on for some time, but at this point the divergence between men and women is growing. pretty dramatic.

At the close of the 2020-21 academic year, women made up 59.5% of college students, an all-time high, and men 40.5%, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of National Student enrollment data. Clearinghouse, a nonprofit investigation. group. US colleges and universities had 1.5 million fewer students compared to five years ago, and men accounted for 71% of the decline, the Journal analysis found.

This educational gap, which persists in two- and four-year colleges, has been slowly widening for 40 years. Divergence increases upon graduation: After six years of college, 65% of women in the US who started a four-year college in 2012 received diplomas in 2018 compared to 59% of men during the same period, according to the US Department of Education.

In the next few years, two women will earn a college degree for every man, if the trend continues, said Douglas Shapiro, executive director of the National Student Clearinghouse’s research center.

The situation has gotten bad enough that some universities are already offering more places for children in an attempt to re-equalize enrollment. The WSJ says this is “the dirty little secret of higher education” – that is, schools are now practicing some kind of affirmative action for men.

There is a table included in the history that breaks down the admission of men and women by race and income. What the graph shows is that white men rank near the bottom in all income levels.

It takes a while to really understand this graph. Each horizontal line represents a different income level. Each color represents a race. The colored dots are men and the circles with white centers are women. So again, the solid red dots are near the bottom in all cases. Also, you’ll notice that Asian men and women outperform everyone else by far at all income levels (the middle blue dots on the far right). In fact, low-income Asian men are doing just as well as men of other races in the highest income category. Also, there is almost no gap between Asian men and women. Both groups are doing very well in college. This graphic is going to be bad news for people promoting the “model minority myth” nonsense. Clearly, Asians are doing something that other groups, especially whites, are not doing as well.

So what is the reason young people are lagging behind? The rest of the story offers several possibilities, including the impact of the pandemic and the feeling that men are really not sure what their career path should be. But part of the problem may also be that the idea of ​​helping men, particularly white men, is banned in most colleges and universities that are geared toward helping minority students. Men, especially whites, are considered privileged and therefore the least in need of help, even if the numbers above suggest that is not the case.

All of this makes me worry about the future. Getting CRT into public classrooms and emphasizing the idea of ​​white supremacy and male privilege at a point where white men are already struggling with education seems like a perfect storm of bad ideas. Based on the above data, we do not need to tell the boys to check their privileges from the moment they can read and write for the first time, we must help them to do as well as the girls. I wonder how many years it will take the teachers unions to figure this out.

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