• September 8, 2021

Democrats’ policies are a gift to China

China’s leaders must be giving a high-five as they watch the American left push for policies that will cripple American competitiveness.

As China cracks down on students fooling around with video games, America’s racial equity warriors are trying to ban advanced placement math, competitive entrance exams, and school honor rolls. Americans don’t want their government to exercise power over how children spend time outside of school, but they also don’t want their children to be discouraged from pursuing excellence. It is a recipe for personal failure and national decline.

On the economic front, Congressional Democrats are trying to pass President Joe Biden’s tax plan, which would make America’s combined federal and state corporate tax burden the highest in the developed world, according to the Tax Foundation. This would motivate companies to relocate to other locations. That’s good news for China, which is committed to overtaking the US by 2035.

And China couldn’t be happier with the Green New Deal of the American left. It will deliver a lot of green money, that is, to China. Electric cars will depend on the batteries made, you guessed it, China. China controls access to more than 80% of the minerals used to make these batteries.

Polysilicon, the key ingredient in solar panels, is also sourced from China, reported Larry Kudlow of Fox Business News.

China is the world’s biggest polluter of carbon emissions. Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry spent two days in China last week spinning his wheels, begging China to stop building coal-fired power plants. Coal plants are key to China’s plan to outperform the US economy.

When Biden made his first speech at the joint session of Congress in April, he announced, “We are in a competition with China and other countries to win the 21st century,” and warned that China “is fast approaching.”

What is surprising is how many Democrats in Washington, DC seem oblivious to the damaging impact of their tax increases, education agenda, and domestic energy policies on the rivalry between the United States and China.

The US Senate passed a bipartisan bill in June that aims to address the threat from China by beefing up research and development funding and incentivizing domestic semiconductor manufacturing. The bill is stuck in the House. And even if it reaches the president’s desk, its benefit would be miniscule compared to the Democratic Party’s frontal attacks on educational merit, fossil fuels and economic growth. That bill is like a sip of water to someone being beaten to pulp. Democrats are tearing down America’s future economic potential.

Most Americans do not want their country to decline. They are especially outraged by the simplification of their children’s education. Oregon is eliminating the requirements that high school students take reading, writing and math tests to graduate. The reason is that minority students don’t do well.

In California, the educational establishment is trying to eliminate accelerated math through the eleventh grade, forcing gifted children to slow down for the sake of other students. As one California parent protested: “You don’t get up people by taking down other people.”

And it doesn’t win the global competition by narrowing down its pool of talented and highly educated people, a lesson China knows well. China tried to artificially impose equality during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. University entrance exams were abolished and educational institutions became brainwashing factories for revolutionaries. The economy collapsed because an entire generation had not been taught anything and did not know how to do anything. In 1978, Deng Xiaoping changed course, re-establishing meritocracy in the educational system.

Fortunately, American parents are showing up at school board meetings outraged at government-imposed mediocrity, among other problems.

New York Times opinion writer Michelle Cottle tells us that it is “not a pretty sight” to see parents breaking into meetings. Incorrect. It’s a beautiful view. It is time for parents to regain control.

As for the growing threat from China, on August 31 Biden pointed to it as a justification for withdrawing from Afghanistan.

He promised to “shore up American competitiveness.”

The first step, Mr. President, is to get tough on the radical environmentalists who raise taxes in your own party and uphold high standards in schools.



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