• September 9, 2021

Police attend riots at Richard Pusey’s home

Police have come to the home of Richard Pusey, the Porsche driver who filmed police officers in the moments after they were hit by a truck on the Eastern Freeway last year in a riot weeks after their release. from prison.

Pusey, 43, was released from the Ravenhall Correctional Center on August 25 after serving time for offending public decency and other offenses.

Richard Pusey is released from jail in August. Credit:Joe armao

Police officers came to his house on Wednesday night, after being called to the house around 7:50 pm “after receiving reports of shouting and loud music from the address.”

“Police have spoken with an occupant regarding the matter and the investigation is ongoing,” a police spokesman said.


Pusey gained infamy for filming the four dying officers in Kew after Mohinder Singh’s truck veered into the emergency lane on the freeway and collided with police and their stopped cars.

Lead Agent Lynette Taylor, Lead Agent Kevin King, and Agents Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney had pulled over Pusey for speeding in his Porsche on April 22 of last year.

They were talking about impounding their vehicle when they were hit by Singh’s truck.

Pusey filmed the cops with his mobile phone in their final moments. He was sentenced for violating public decency and other crimes derived from his driving and conduct on the highway.

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