• July 18, 2021

Pastor who was tried for making offensive comments about Islam dies at 84

James McConnell’s trial for calling Islam “pagan” and “satanic” is one of the lowest points in modern British history. How many imams have called Judaism, Christianity, or Hinduism “pagan” or “satanic” without suffering any consequences? If McConnell had been an atheist who called Christianity “pagan” and “satanic” or “stupid” and “evil” or something like that,…

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‘Anti-Islamic tirade by French teenager sparked death threats’

The New York Times, like the rest of the propaganda organs of the establishment’s left, is committed to concealing crimes committed in the name of Islam and in accordance with its teachings, and does everything possible to absolve Islam of all responsibility for those misdeeds. This headline is a particularly racy example of how it…

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