• September 1, 2021

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky cautions the unvaccinated not to travel this Labor Day weekend – RedState

In case you haven’t noticed, for most of us this is a three-day weekend: Labor Day weekend 2021. For those families whose children are not yet in school, it’s one last. Opportunity to hike before snuggling. down and settling in the fall. Hell, even those whose kids have already started classes will take the time…

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New Jersey fake vax card sales scheme arrested – HotAir

As soon as mandatory proof of vaccination became something in the private sector, critics were immediately concerned about the inevitable proliferation of fake vaccination cards. This was particularly true among university administrators, who was concerned that healthy young people who weren’t worried about getting COVID and were unsure about vaccinations would seek to obtain a…

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Yes to freedom and no to living in a “Faucian dystopia” – HotAir

A top-notch applause line here, according to the merchandise for their “Don’t Fauci My Florida” campaign. DeSantis understands that Fauci has risen to the status of the pandemic’s main villain for right-handers and is eager to take advantage of that. (Interestingly, Fauci seems to have understood as well.) Positioning yourself as the anti-Fauci is an…

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