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  • July 21, 2021

‘That’s?’ Biden’s City Hall CNN audience photo is incredibly disappointing – twitchy.com

President Biden’s town hall on CNN with Don Lemon might have been awkward to watch for a number of reasons, but at least Biden had a rapt audience. Mainly because not many of them attended: How the Biden CNN City Hall looks from the back of the auditorium: pic.twitter.com/juUehd7PDu – Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) July 22,…

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“It’s horrible” to see people at CPAC cheer on the government that doesn’t meet its vaccination targets – HotAir

When he’s right, he’s right. Consider this a sequel to Friday’s post about the widening gap in vaccination rates between Blue Counties and Red Counties. There is no miraculous explanation for why such a gap exists, but one factor is the willingness of the right to promote anti-vaccines on its activist and media platforms. Case…

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