• September 3, 2021

This Texas abortion law is so unconstitutional I don’t know where to start – HotAir

We’ve had many unlikely developments in American politics in the last five years, but Alan Dershowitz pontificate on Newsmax, the far-right answer to Fox News, is near the top. Then again, when did Dershowitz say no to any television opportunity? Watch, then read on: You are correct that Texas law is untenable. Put aside the…

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Tom Nichols almost admitted defeat after Jay Caruso challenges him to defend his claim that ‘Democrats are the best stewards of the Constitution’

Tom Nichols doesn’t need fireworks on July 4th. Not when you can easily burn yourself from your own hot shots. Look what he wrote yesterday: People on the left ask me how the left contributed to where we are. That’s a long answer that includes “read Mark Lilla”, but I would add: – Much of…

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