• September 1, 2021

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky cautions the unvaccinated not to travel this Labor Day weekend – RedState

In case you haven’t noticed, for most of us this is a three-day weekend: Labor Day weekend 2021. For those families whose children are not yet in school, it’s one last. Opportunity to hike before snuggling. down and settling in the fall. Hell, even those whose kids have already started classes will take the time…

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‘Are you fucked in the HEAD ?!’ Blue-check doc asking why people think it’s SO important to keep schools open you get A LOT more than you ask for

We can’t think of a better way for someone to tell us they don’t have children without actually telling us they don’t have children. Who are these people?! As usual, don’t reply to that. Genuine q for people more concerned about school closings than covid: do you know that compulsory schooling is barely a century…

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Tests Positive for COVID, Social Media Demons Descend – RedState

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has tested positive for COVID-19. If we know anything about the progressive left and its expressions on social media, it is that they value the inherent humanity of each person and refuse to elevate politics above compassion. It’s a joke. The progressive left has been encouraging people in the red states…

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